Adam Cutsinger

Adam Cutsinger

Net Impact

As Senior Office Manager for the incomparable Net Impact team, and EA for the iconoclastic Liz Maw, I am challenged with keeping up with the hardest working & most compassionate people on earth, not to mention Liz' dynamic leadership responsibilities, and to work behind the scenes to help make everything, well, work.

Before I came to Net Impact, I spent much time researching, writing about & editing online material on topics related to green transportation & sustainability practices. I also spent a considerable amount of time in the culinary world, and teaching advanced techniques to aspiring chefs.

I hold a BA in English, and am currently completing an MFA in writing.

  • I grew up wanting to be: A gymnast, but not in the Olympics, just to spice up my daily life with feats of physical prowess.
  • My most useful skill is: Grammar.
  • That skill has helped me: Correct & annoy people.
  • My most useless skill is: Grammar.
  • The best advice I ever got was: You can do anything you want to do (from my dad).

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