Kate Kokosinski

Kate Kokosinski

I work on the development team at Net Impact to sustain and grow our partnerships with leading organizations committed to sustainability and corporate citizenship.

Prior to joining Net Impact, I served as a Sustainability Coordinator for a leading research university. In addition, I gained several years of experience in business development while working for a renewable energy company. I have always been intrigued by the business response to environmental and social issues and am pleased to be able to use my career to help make connections for solving some of the world’s greatest challenges.

I hold a B.S. in environmental toxicology from UC Davis and a Master of Environmental Science and Management from UC Santa Barbara.

  • My most useful skill is: Wrapping presents
  • The best advice I ever got was: The only way for you to grow is to challenge yourself
  • The part of my job that keeps me heading to work each day is: Working for an organization whose focus aligns so closely with my own interests

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