Gold Status

Please Note: the information about Gold status below covers the 2017-2018 year. We will be releasing the information for 18-19 in mid August!

Gold status recognizes Chapters which go above and beyond in providing their members with opportunities for professional development, positive community impact, and engagement with the larger Net Impact network. Gold Chapters earn exclusive conference benefits, public recognition through Net Impact’s website and newsletter, and consideration for Chapter of the Year.

To achieve Gold status, you will need to fulfill all of Net Impact’s requirements. Gold status should be a goal for every Chapter. Here are the ways you can accumulate points and become a Gold Chapter. Click each option to learn more.

Reach 500 points to achieve Gold Status

Lead a Net Impact Program

150 points per program (max 450)

Participate in a Net Impact Central Program and submit 10 photos from the event.

Grow your Chapter

100 points

Increase the number of participants engaged with your Chapter's programs.

Run a Custom Impact Program

100 points per program (max varies)

Run an impact program, with a minimum of 10 attendees and submit 10 photos of the event.

Network at NI17 in Atlanta, GA!

10 points per member (max 100)

Send your members to the Net Impact Conference.

Attend the Chapter Leader Session

50 points

Send at least one of your leaders to the Chapter Leader Session at NI17.

Share with Other Chapter Leaders!

25 points per opportunity (max 100)

Strengthen the Net Impact community by sharing your story.

Represent Your University

25 points

Participate in Net Impact's Annual Guide to Graduate Schools (grad Chapters only)

Lead a Net Impact Program

Net Impact offers a wide range of programs which you can run as a chapter. Each program comes with support and funding from Net Impact Central, in addition to counting towards Gold Status. You can learn all about these great programs here.

Grow Your Chapter!

Baseline numbers for participation were collected in May 2017 during annual reporting. Participation is scaled to take chapter size into effect:

  • under 50 participants = 10 new members required
  • 50-100 = 20% membership growth
  • >100 = 20 new members or 10% membership growth, whichever is higher.

If you did not submit your baseline for engaged participants, please complete this form to be eligible for these points!

Run a Custom Impact Program

  • Submit your Event for points here.
  • Upload a file of your photos of the event with your Chapters name here.
  • 300 points max for Undergraduate and Graduate Chapters
  • 400 points max for Professionals Chapters