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  • How to Network Better Than You Flirt

    Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash Walking up to a potential new contact at a conference, or cold calling someone on the phone, is often the most intimidating part of networking for jobseekers. It’s hard to make the first move and much easier to keep yourself out of a vulnerable situation. However, if you’re looking to make a career move into sustainability, corporate responsibility or the green economy, in-person networking remains the best way to convert potential opportunities into real jobs. So, if you tend to let discomfort get in the way of ‘getting out there,’ just remember these wise words from Steve Jobs: “If you are afraid of failing…of someone hanging up on you…you won’t get very far.” ...Read More »

  • 3 Tricks for Building Your Career

    Photo by David Clarke on Unsplash Here’s some candid, creative, real-world advice about how to break into impact work without a lot of direct experience: BE SMART WITH THE COMMUNICATIONS TOOLS AT YOUR DISPOSAL

    Sustainability professionals need great communication skills, so use yours to start a conversation with potential employers through social media. It’s critical to use all the tools at your disposal to develop an engaged, online presence and start piecing together a circle of contacts. Twitter and blogging are fantastic ways to do this – just make sure your blogging is consistent in terms of timeliness, tone, and topic. ...Read More »

  • GPS Your Career Path

    Image © averieclaire via Unsplash Careers in the impact economy can be hard to come by and the routes in are yet to be formally mapped. Transitioning out of your current role and into this new and exciting sector is a challenge! That said, you’ll see that there are a number of potential avenues for your career path that are worth exploring. The direct route: impact investing ...Read More »

  • Dominate Your Job Search with this Linkedin Guide

    Did you know that 97% of human resources and staffing professionals use LinkedIn to search for candidates and that 77% of all job openings are posted there? Making the most of your profile with this Linkedin guide will be one of the best investments you’ll make in your job search and ongoing career and network development. But first…

    Before you put fingertip to keyboard, take a few minutes to read and digest the following five tips. ...Read More »

  • 6 Tips to Make Salary Negotiations Go Your Way

    Photo by lucas Favre (small)

    Talking numbers can be an awkward and nerve-wracking experience. But you need to roll those shoulders back and put on your brave face because — as you well know — once you are in an organization it is difficult to make a big jump in salary. That is why you need to negotiate your worth at the very start. Knock-out your next stint in the hot seat with these 6 tips: 1.Don’t rush

    Don’t talk numbers until after the hiring manager offers you a salary. Just hold-tight. It’s best to wait so that you don’t ask for less than what he or she was prepared to offer. Recruiters will often pressure you early on to reveal your current earnings.  You can give them a range and be a bit vague but prepared, just like they do to you. Something like… ...Read More »

  • 6 Tips to Loosen up and Land the Job

    You did it! Your killer CV, brilliant phone interview, and smart bio have gotten you to the final interview. You know the company, you know the job, you can do the job and even love it. Now you have one more chance to “wow.” Stay calm, cool, and collected to land your dream job with these 6 prep tips: ...Read More »

  • Future Proof for 2020: Do You Have the Top 5 Sustainability Skills to Survive?

    Shannon Houde from Walk of Life Consulting is a world-renowned impact, sustainability, and CSR career coach.  We have an exclusive opportunity for 2017 Net Impact Conference attendees to redeem a heavily discounted online course from Walk of Life Consulting to help you navigate through the key stages of a successful career change and empower you to have the confidence to stand out from the competition. Register for the 2017 Net Impact Conference to take advantage of this offer.  ...Read More »

  • Being Mindful Can Help You be a Better Sustainability Leader

    As an emerging sustainability leader you need to practice mindfulness.

    In today’s world, how you do a job is just as important as what you do. This is especially true for those in positions of influence within the sustainability impact sector. Herding cats through a complex change process while maintaining the bottom line? You’re going to need super-human levels of focus, calm and empathy. ...Read More »

  • Salary vs. Sanity

    Statistics and reasoning support why you should choose sanity over salary.

    When it comes to a trade off between your salary and your sanity, there is only sustainable choice.  ...Read More »

  • Tailor your formal bio for LinkedIn

    Take your formal bio and transform it into something smart-casual that’s just right for LinkedIn.

    Just as each social media service has its own role in job searches, each has its own biography requirements. Here’s how to take your formal bio and transform it into something smart-casual that’s just right for LinkedIn. ...Read More »


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