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Blog Posts in Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Find Motivation in Jared: Sustainability + Entrepreneurship = Big Impact

    Jared Greenberg is "pee'd off" about unnecessary water waste

    For our Climate Disruptors blog series, we’re highlighting the lessons learned from students who have spearheaded sustainability success at school, showing that you can make change from any position. ...Read More »

  • Get Inspired by Anna Middendorf, College Student and Intrapreneur

    Launching a passion project - whether in an organization or on campus - takes guts

    What can professional intrapreneurs learn from today’s college students? We think a lot. Launching a passion project within an organization takes guts -- and it doesn’t matter if it takes place on campus or in the office. For our Climate Disruptors series, we’re highlighting the lessons learned from students who have spearheaded sustainability success at school, showing that you can make change from any position. ...Read More »

  • NI16 Keynote Speaker, Jay Coen Gilbert, Is Using Business as a Force for Good

    Jay Coen Gilbert, and his organization B Lab, are helping businesses be a force for good

    What do Ben and Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Warby Parker all have in common? They are all certified B Corps. Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab, the nonprofit organization that provides the B Corps certification, has just been announced as a 2016 Net Impact Conference keynote speaker. As you get ready for NI16 take some time to learn about this exciting movement and keynote speaker Gilbert.  ...Read More »

  • Lessons for Leading a Sustainability Team to Triumph

    Leading your team to victory with these six steps

    Lead your team to sustainability success with these 6 steps from Dassault Systems engineer (and winner of our Impact at Work Challenge 2012) Asheen Phansey. ...Read More »

  • 5 Reasons You Don't Want to Miss NI16

    We hope you'll join us this November in Philadelphia

    The 2016 Net Impact Conference will take place November 3 - 5 in Philadelphia, PA.  Learn why you need to attend this one-of-a-kind event. ...Read More »

  • Ideas + Forward Food = Net Impact

    There's still time to apply for Forward Food

    It’s no secret that the food industry is undergoing a consumer-driven revolution and at Campbell we’re working every day to rise to the challenge. Sometimes one of the ways to address a challenge is to work outside-in, and that’s why Campbell is the lead sponsor of the non-profit Net Impact’s Forward Food Competition—where the experts turn to consumers and ask, “What would you do?” ...Read More »

  • Make History at the 2016 Net Impact Conference

    We're heading to Philadelphia for NI16

    Registration for the 2016 Net Impact Conference is now open! This year the conference will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and for a limited time Net Impact is offering 25% off tickets. ...Read More »

  • Net Impact Reaches 100,000 Members

    Net Impact reaches 100,000 Members

    Since our founding in 1993, Net Impact has always believed in the collective potential of young people to change the world.  Through almost 25 years of experience, we have become the world’s best training ground for students and young professionals who want to make a difference in the world. Today, we’re proud to announce another milestone: 100,000 members! ...Read More »

  • Put Your Heads Together. Make a Difference Now.

    Climate change will only get worse if we don't do something to stop it now. We're challenging you to challenge your company to start being more sustainable, but first, get inspired by reading about how other businesses are doing it. ...Read More »

  • Liz Maw talks career advice, values and #NI16

    Liz Maw with some of Net Impact's 2015 Diversity Scholars

    This week, Net Impact CEO, Liz Maw spoke with Angela Copeland on her Copeland Coaching Podcast.  Angela was a founding member of both the Pepperdine University Graduate Net Impact Chapter and Memphis's Professional Net Impact Chapter and is currently a career coach. ...Read More »