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Blog Posts in Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The Insider’s Guide to Networking at Events

    Many people feel anxious and nervous when entering a room filled with unfamiliar faces -- but you no longer have to be one of those people! ...Read More »

  • 4 Reasons to Demand Diversity and Drive Innovation

    With real diversity and inclusion efforts, everyone wins. ...Read More »

  • 6 Questions with Mark Horoszowski

    Co-founder and CEO of Mark Horoszowki talks volunteerism, leadership, failure, and purpose. ...Read More »

  • What Do You Know About the Data Explosion?

    Do you know how much data we’re creating? By the time you finish reading this, the world will create nearly as much data as in all of human history up until the year 2003. ...Read More »

  • Impactathon Series Combines Business & Education to Help Young People Succeed

    Team Vancouver wins top prize in SAP and Net Impact competition  The story is universal: young people all across the world have goals they would like to achieve, but obstacles can seem insurmountable. Perhaps a student in Philadelphia wants to aim for a four-year college degree despite little support at home, or a young professional from Shanghai has an idea for a startup but no resources to get things started. In the face of these apparent gaps, how might we equip young people with the tools to improve their lives and communities? ...Read More »

  • 10 to Follow: Keep Up with Corporate Responsibility Trends on Twitter

    Dave Stangis Campbell Soup Company

    This post is part of a new series that highlights ways to keep up with impact-related issues through social media. As VP of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility at the Campbell Soup Company and President of the Campbell Soup Foundation, Dave Stangis has what you might call a full plate. “Every day brings a new set of issues, challenges, and opportunities,” he says. “It truly is like having a different job every day.... In a given week, I work with every single organization in the company -- from front lines to the board of directors, from enterprise strategy to communications and public policy." ...Read More »

  • How and When to Integrate Social Values into a Business

    Expectations of business are shifting. Consumers increasingly choose brands that strive to embed positive social and environmental values and practices into their products, services and workplaces. In particular, millennials, who account for $1.3 trillion in spending power in the U.S., want to interact with and work for companies that not only focus on profit, but also deliver value to people – employees, communities, consumers – and the planet. So if you are not yet thinking about social impact, when is the right time to start? ...Read More »

  • News You Can Use: How millennials are reshaping business

    Young leaders are shaping markets as employees, entrepreneurs, and consumers.  News You Can Use is our monthly update featuring key coverage of impact trends, leadership tips, sustainable business, and Net Impact.…stay educated. Research and Trends How millennials are changing product development for good
    Innovation Insights, February 9, 2015 ...Read More »

  • News You Can Use: Make 2015 Your Most Impactful Yet

    News  You Can Use is our monthly update featuring key coverage of impact trends, leadership tips, sustainable business, and Net Impact.…stay educated. Research and Trends Top business sustainability trends of 2014 Guardian Sustainable Business, Dec 22 ...Read More »

  • How to Drive Change Within Your Company

    Harriet Henry shows us that sometimes the most effective thing you can do to move corporate sustainability forward at your workplace is to listen, adapt, and be flexible rather than approach an assignment with fixed ideas or opinions.  ...Read More »