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Blog Posts in Corporate Social Responsibility

  • A Shift Towards Conscious Business

    Championing the progressive shift in mainstream business culture, co-authors John Mackey and Raj Sisodia provide a framework for how business can rediscover its virtuous nature as the largest creator of wealth humanity has ever conceived in their new book, Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business. The book is the most recent call-to-arms advocating for a shift in the way we do business. ...Read More »

  • Measuring Shared Value: Not Your Father's CSR

    Greg Hills, Managing Director, FSG, offers his thoughts on the business side of social impact. Consider the following concepts: root cause analysis...lean six sigma...weekly, quarterly, and annual reviews. If you've ever been through an MBA program, you've heard these terms before. But do these concepts sound like core business practices or ways to achieve social impact? It's a trick question. ...Read More »

  • Should Non-scientists Care About Biomimicry?

    Why would a former Eagle Scout with a passion for protecting fragile ecosystems go from running his own sustainability consultancy to working for a software company? For 2012 Net Impact Conference speaker Asheen Phansey, it came down to the possibility for impact. I realized that I could leverage the awesome SolidWorks community, says Asheen, to spread our sustainable design message far more widely than I could do alone - over 150,000 companies and 1.7 million students and professionals use our 3D design software to make products. That's a big impact. ...Read More »

  • For 3M's Kurt Werner, Finding Impact Work Is About the Chemistry

    You may know 3M's ubiquitous yellow Post-it® notes and plaid-swathed Scotch® tape but Kurt Werner, Environmental Affairs Manager for the company's electronics markets, has spent his career focusing on many of 3M's 55,000 other products. Many of these are distributed in highly-regulated markets like manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and safety and security - and that means Kurt has his hands full to ensure not only legal compliance but environmental safety, as well. ...Read More »

  • Defining Sustainability at a Fortune 50

    For Target's Kate Heiny, the first challenge as Sustainability Group Manager isn't driving sustainable practices within a Fortune 50 company. It's educating 355,000 people on what sustainability means. But she's up for the challenge. Defining sustainability for thousands of employees nationwide might not be easy, but Target educates its employees by involving them in the conversation. The company developed an internal site that allows employees to suggest, view as well as rate and comment on each others' sustainable ideas. ...Read More »

  • Reflections on Davos

    Davos. The word immediately conjures up the world's most exclusive and important meeting of powerful leaders from every sector. I'd heard stories of running into Michael Dell in the hall, the Finance Minister of France by the coffee, and Bill Gates in the elevator. But is there more to the World Economic Forum's annual meeting than fancy parties with the rich and powerful? Thankfully, yes - and mostly it's good news, with occasional room for improvement. ...Read More »

  • Connect for Good with and AT&T

    Whether you're passionate about social issues like high school dropout rates, environmental issues like e-waste and recycling, or safety issues like texting while driving, and AT&T are making it easy for you to take action through their newly launched Connect For Good platform. Even though companies often reference CSR activities on their websites, many still struggle to get consumers to engage with them directly on these issues. Aaron Schiller, Business Development Manager leading the project on's side, believes Connect For Good is ushering in Corporate Citizenship 2.0. ...Read More »