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  • Circular Economy

    Circular Economy | Net Impact

    Life is a circle. All that grows returns to where it began: the Earth. And from there, it grows again, forming a perfect cycle.  ...Read More »

  • Consequences of Overproduction and Overconsumption

    Consequences of Overproduction and Overconsumption | Net Impact

    As the world copes with an unprecedented global pandemic, many people are reconsidering their levels of consumption in relation to their needs. For some people, a loss of income has caused them to reprioritize the things that are actually essential. For others, social distancing has caused them to eat fewer meals at restaurants, buy fewer clothes, use less gasoline, and find entertainment in things that don’t require as much money or waste so much time or energy. And in light of the effects of overproduction and overconsumption on the world economy and environment, perhaps this is not entirely a bad thing. ...Read More »

  • The Basics of Circular Economy: Definition, Importance, and Examples

    The Basics of Circular Economy: Definition, Importance and Examples | Net Impact

    There is plenty to be done when it comes to battling the climate crisis. Conserving energy at home, eating less meat and recycling are a few well-known ways people can help. However, making consumer goods more sustainable on a broader scale is critical. This movement is known as the “circular economy,” a system designed to keep materials in use instead of tossing them in the landfill. ...Read More »

  • 5 Books on the Circular Economy

    5 Books on the Circular Economy | Net Impact

    Sustainability should be at the forefront of our efforts as a society to ensure that we are maintaining healthy environments and reducing waste. ...Read More »

  • Nothing About Us Without Us

    Here at Net Impact, as we look to engage the next generation around social and environmental sustainability, we continue to challenge our network, ourselves, and our initiatives to be more inclusive and more empathic to the changing world around us.   ...Read More »

  • Wear it Wise Sends Student to 2019 Copenhagen Fashion Summit

    "When consumers purchase a product, sustainability should come as a requirement, not as a rare bonus."     This spring, I had the opportunity to participate in Net Impact’s 2019 Wear It Wise Campaign for sustainable fashion and was honored to represent Net Impact and the program at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in Denmark. The Summit brought more than 75 speakers and attendees representing more than 48 countries, an audience including some of the most insightful top management leaders who are actively making a change in the world. This event was a great learning experience because everyone there was not simply focused on fashion, but also on the impact it has on the earth. ...Read More »

  • Savannah College of Art and Design wins the 2019 Wear it Wise Sustainable Fashion Challenge

    In partnership with the Levi Strauss Foundation, Eileen Fisher, Columbia Sportswear and Remake, Net Impact is excited to announce another successful year of Wear it Wise, the organization’s first program dedicated to addressing the impacts of the global fashion industry. Selected Wear it Wise leaders were tasked with designing and executing a public awareness campaign with the goal of educating communities about the social and environmental impacts of the global fashion industry. ...Read More »

  • Leadership Outside the Lines Series: Changing the world, one dishwasher at a time

    In this special blog series, we are featuring stories from our 2018 Net Impact Conference partners about how individuals at their organizations are going outside the lines to make an impact from any position. Ecolab is a sponsor of the upcoming 2018 Net Impact Conference in Phoenix, AZ October 25-27th.  If you want to change the world for the better, you don’t have to work for an NGO, enter politics or be the chief sustainability officer for a big company. In fact, you can do many other things that are just as meaningful. Take me, for instance. As a chemical engineer, I was part of developing Ecolab’s new EHT dishmachine that uses 50 percent less water and energy than previous models. ...Read More »

  • Insights into the traditional textile market of Peru

    Net Impact Fellow, Lourdes shares her research about the Traditional Peruvian Textile Market.

    Net Impact Fellow, Lourdes Martinez shares her research trip to Peru, where she studied the traditional Peruvian textile market. ...Read More »