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Blog Posts in Earth Day

  • Put Your Heads Together. Make a Difference Now.

    Climate change will only get worse if we don't do something to stop it now. We're challenging you to challenge your company to start being more sustainable, but first, get inspired by reading about how other businesses are doing it. ...Read More »

  • 3 Earth Day Resolutions for 2016

    Net Impact employees volunteering at a beautification project in San Francisco

    Just as January 1st provides an excuse to examine yourself and make a few New Year’s resolutions, Earth Day on April 22 provides the perfect time to check in with your greenness and decide where to make some changes. ...Read More »

  • What's your plan for Earth Day?

    Happy Earth Day!

    We're highlighting a few of our favorite 2016 Earth Day events, including our own in-house upcycling challenge, so you really have no excuse but to act. ...Read More »

  • Your Everyday Earth Day Checklist

    More and more people bike to work as a daily, earth-friendly habit.

    Ask yourself these four simple questions on Earth Day (and don’t stop for the next 364 days). Every Earth Day, articles pop up about what you can do to take care of our planet. But we all know that one day of thinking about the earth isn’t enough, so we’re here with a checklist to help you turn those ideas of things to do from a one-day action into a 365-day habit. Thinking about the global environmental issues that are largely out of our control can feel overwhelming, but little actions add up when everyone does them them together. When behavioural changes become habits, they become second nature, and then the widespread norm. So how can you become more sustainable? Ask yourself the following four questions every day: ...Read More »

  • Celebrate Good Work Around the World on Earth Day

    Juana Payaba Cachique, a community leader in the Peruvian Amazon, helped win a landmark case.

    Meet three remarkable people putting sustainability into practice around the world. ...Read More »

  • Connect with Nature on Earth Day

    A scientist and sustainability expert known as the “Einstein of the treetops” says you should go outside and play. ...Read More »

  • 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Now

    Don't worry, Net Impact's got you covered. Here are five ways to give the planet (and yourself) a little love and learning on Earth Day. ...Read More »