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Blog Posts in Environment

  • Climate Justice: The Positive Role Business Can and Must Play

    Climate Justice: The Positive Role Business Can and Must Play   August 2020

    Those who have done the least to cause climate change are the ones suffering most from its effects. Climate Justice requires ratability – a sharing of burdens and benefits while safeguarding the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized. ...Read More »

  • 6 Documentaries on Climate Change You Need to Watch

    Climate change films to watch | Net Impact

    6 Documentaries on Climate Change You Need to Watch ...Read More »

  • 5 Climate Change Solutions That Will Help the Earth

    Climate change solutions | Net Impact

    One world issue that’s remained a hot topic in recent years is the topic of climate change. Previously a concept that most of us only heard about in school and media, the effects of climate change have been more prominent in recent years.  ...Read More »

  • What have you done this year about climate change?

    If you’re like most people I know, you’ve discussed it with friends and read a fair amount of concerning articles. You may have translated this contemplation into personal action by changing your diet slightly or tagged along to a climate rally. But you haven’t taken what you would describe as a leadership role – the kind of action that seeks to make an impact bigger than yourself. So, what can you do? ...Read More »

  • Shell Brings the Topic of Clean Energy to Life at the 2019 Net Impact Conference and Beyond

    At Net Impact, we partner with forward-thinking companies that want to create meaningful collaborations with our network of diverse, informed leaders to drive transformational change. Our partnership with Shell is a unique example of how we empower our chapter members and partners alike to work together to create a lasting impact. Shell is once again challenging Net Impact members to shape the future of energy solutions. As a part of their partnership with Net Impact, Shell mentors from a variety of backgrounds and fields led Accelerator Sessions at the 2019 Net Impact Conference as they gear up to engage with future leaders during the 2019-20 Future of Energy Challenge: Mobility. ...Read More »

  • Ford Fund Invests in Students, Communities Through the Ford College Community Challenge

    As a sponsor of the Net Impact Conference which begins in just two days, we invited Ford to share all about how their philanthropic arm, Ford Motor Company Fund, has been helping people reach their full potential for 70 years. The fund continually invests in programs that support education, promote safe driving, enrich community life, and encourage employee volunteering. Read all the way to the bottom to find out how you can take part in their programs. ...Read More »

  • Net Impact Supports the Climate Strike Movement

    Net Impact is not a political organization, nor do we believe that climate change is political but rather supported science. The climate strike movement, inspired by Greta Thunberg, has spread rapidly across the world in the last 12 months, and rightfully so. Strikers are demanding that governments step up to take urgent action to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown by phasing out fossil fuels, accelerating the urgent transition to a 100% renewable energy powered world with climate justice and equity at its core. ...Read More »

  • Building Resiliency in Campbell Soup’s Agricultural Supply Chain

    Campbell's image

    Our team met up with Megan Maltenfort, Director, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability at Campbell Soup Company, to discuss their work to adapt their agricultural practices to the impacts of climate change.    ...Read More »

  • Wear it Wise Sends Student to 2019 Copenhagen Fashion Summit

    "When consumers purchase a product, sustainability should come as a requirement, not as a rare bonus."     This spring, I had the opportunity to participate in Net Impact’s 2019 Wear It Wise Campaign for sustainable fashion and was honored to represent Net Impact and the program at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in Denmark. The Summit brought more than 75 speakers and attendees representing more than 48 countries, an audience including some of the most insightful top management leaders who are actively making a change in the world. This event was a great learning experience because everyone there was not simply focused on fashion, but also on the impact it has on the earth. ...Read More »

  • Savannah College of Art and Design wins the 2019 Wear it Wise Sustainable Fashion Challenge

    In partnership with the Levi Strauss Foundation, Eileen Fisher, Columbia Sportswear and Remake, Net Impact is excited to announce another successful year of Wear it Wise, the organization’s first program dedicated to addressing the impacts of the global fashion industry. Selected Wear it Wise leaders were tasked with designing and executing a public awareness campaign with the goal of educating communities about the social and environmental impacts of the global fashion industry. ...Read More »