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  • Planning on the Rocks

    Net Impact National Parks Business Plan Internship

    Creating a business strategy surrounded by America's highest mountain range. ...Read More »

  • Beyond the Package: Sustainability Know-How

    How the Life Cycle Assessment process plays a role in creating sustainable packaging. For many people, choosing packaging that can be recycled seems like the most sustainable option. But this isn’t necessarily true. Looking at the issue comprehensively gives us all the information we need to make informed decisions about the most sustainable packaging options. ...Read More »

  • From the Soil Up: Responsible Agriculture in Action

    Meriwether Hardie Rainforest Alliance Guatemala

      Mario Dionisio Valle stands in front of me, tall and proud, as we look over his three-acre coffee farm. "My coffee plants are my heart," he explains, "they center my life, and all my activities flow through and around them. My life calendar is measured by the cycle of their growing and harvest." The lush, green coffee bushes thrive on the steep mountainside around us. Below, the land drops off into a deep valley, and then rises again into a horizon of jagged mountains. A waterfall cascades off the valley’s edge. The air is hot and dry, and clings to my lungs as we climb upwards. ...Read More »

  • 7 Questions with Jennifer Gerholdt

    This ongoing Q&A series profiles a few of the speakers we're looking forward to seeing at this year's Net Impact Conference. Jennifer is the Director, Environmental Initiatives at the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center and will be speaking in our Environment & Natural Resources track. ...Read More »

  • 7 Questions with Meriwether Hardie

    This ongoing Q&A series profiles a few of the speakers we're looking forward to seeing at this year's Net Impact Conference. Meriwether is a Senior Executive Associate with the Rainforest Alliance and will be speaking in our Sustainable Food & Agriculture and Environment & Natural Resources tracks. ...Read More »

  • 6 Questions with Snehal Desai

    This ongoing Q&A series profiles a few of the speakers we're looking forward to seeing at this year's Net Impact Conference. Snehal is the global business director for Dow Water & Process Solutions. ...Read More »

  • Energy Ideation Lab Puts Skills to the Test

    Net Impact PG&E Ideation

    At a recent event in San Francisco, students enhanced their problem-solving and pitching skills, giving an energy company some fresh ideas in the process. ...Read More »

  • Quick Tips: Working Toward Zero Waste

    Adopting a zero-waste mindset in your business will pave the way for both environmental and financial wins. But how do you create a program that balances sustainability and consumer satisfaction? And how do you engage the right stakeholders at the right time? On a recent Issues in Depth call, we chatted with Nestle Waters North America’s EVP of Corporate Affairs, Heidi Paul, about how her company has evolved its approach to sustainability, integrating a zero-waste mindset into every level of operations. Explore key takeaways from our conversation with Heidi in the slides below. Inside, you’ll find tips and tricks from a seasoned sustainability veteran that will help inform your own workplace waste reduction goals. ...Read More »

  • Get an Insider's View of the Green Energy Survey

    Many small businesses know their utility costs affect their bottom line, but they don’t have the resources to do something about it -- or they think because they’re leasing their space, they simply can’t change anything. We caught up with Gwen Corrie, a second-year Green MBA student at Dominican University of California who’s been using our Green Energy Survey toolkit to help businesses understand their options. She shared her experience assessing local business’ energy usage, and her ideas for how you can make your community a greener place, too! ...Read More »

  • Quick Tips: Engaging Employees in Sustainability

    Engaging employees in sustainability can generate big wins for the environment, employee satisfaction, and the financial bottom line. But how do you create an effective program for employees dispersed across thousands of locations? And how do you make sure your efforts excite not just the super-greens, but everyone else -- from sales staff to executives? ...Read More »


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