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Blog Posts in Environment

  • From the South Side to the Riverside: One MBA's Service Learning Experience

    What does a b-school student from the south side of Chicago end up doing over the course of a summer spent along a 48-mile stretch of river in Georgia? Financial analysis, of course. William Gordon, Jr. was a second-year MBA candidate at Darden focusing on social enterprise and sustainability, when he spent a summer working in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area in Atlanta, GA as a National Park Service Business Plan Intern. "Even though it's a great resource in a major metropolitan area," William says of the park, "it doesn't get the visitors that other parks get." ...Read More »

  • Bringing Energy Audits to Small Business

    Ever sit in a class just daydreaming? While you're tapping your fingers thinking about the closing joke Ira made in last week's This American Life, the fellow next to you might just be having a silent epiphany about how to help America's small businesses shrink their $60 billion energy footprint. That was Net Impact DC member Daniel Hill 18 months ago in his MBA accounting class. Daniel had been thinking about the lack of attention given toward small businesses looking to become more sustainable organizations, all because their building, budget, or name was too small. ...Read More »

  • Check Out These Winning Ideas for Social Innovation

    If you've ever wondered how to measure the value of diversity - ethnic diversity, certainly, but also diversity of backgrounds, diversity of ideas, and diversity of skills -look no further than the winners of this year's Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge. Open to universities across the country, the Challenge, in partnership with Net Impact, gave 50 teams the chance to pitch their sustainable business solution or product to Walmart executives (and score some seed funding). ...Read More »

  • Impact in Antarctica: Our Workshop Goes Polar

    Imagine being woken from your sleep. It's not quite 7 a.m., and you're aboard a massive sailing vessel, floating as far south on the planet as anyone's ever sailed, making your way slowly toward Antarctica. A voice directs you above deck, where the temperature is below freezing. There, surrounded by your shipmates from 22 different countries, you look up and witness a wall of blue-white ice. Nearly 100 feet high and many miles long, this shelf of ice broke free a decade ago from the continent that housed it for 12,000 years. ...Read More »

  • For 3M's Kurt Werner, Finding Impact Work Is About the Chemistry

    You may know 3M's ubiquitous yellow Post-it® notes and plaid-swathed Scotch® tape but Kurt Werner, Environmental Affairs Manager for the company's electronics markets, has spent his career focusing on many of 3M's 55,000 other products. Many of these are distributed in highly-regulated markets like manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and safety and security - and that means Kurt has his hands full to ensure not only legal compliance but environmental safety, as well. ...Read More »

  • Defining Sustainability at a Fortune 50

    For Target's Kate Heiny, the first challenge as Sustainability Group Manager isn't driving sustainable practices within a Fortune 50 company. It's educating 355,000 people on what sustainability means. But she's up for the challenge. Defining sustainability for thousands of employees nationwide might not be easy, but Target educates its employees by involving them in the conversation. The company developed an internal site that allows employees to suggest, view as well as rate and comment on each others' sustainable ideas. ...Read More »

  • Start the Shift: Q&A with FedEx's Mitch Jackson

    As part of its Start the Shift campaign, FedEx recently announced an increase in the number of fuel-efficient vehicles it uses. The goal is to ease our reliance on oil, while reducing the company's environmental impact by getting more all-electric and electric-hybrid FedEx Express vehicles on the road. Mitch Jackson, vice president of FedEx's Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, answers questions from Net Impact about the campaign and the company's overall mission to address energy and sustainability issues. What is the goal behind FedEx's Start the Shift Campaign? ...Read More »

  • How One Member Created a Revenue Stream for our National Parks

    If you ever stay in a yurt in Idaho, Net Impact member Carolyn Maezes may be the one to thank. During her summer as a BPI intern, she created a five year business plan for City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park. While exploring various strategic options, she and her partner discovered the park faced a lack of housing and revenue. ...Read More »

  • Building Skills in our National Parks

    Dee Falvo is no stranger to the National Parks BPI consulting experience. Last summer, she worked with Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, where she developed a business plan and performed a fee assessment for Bighorn Canyon. The park assumed the fee program wasn't making money, but Dee's analyses showed the opposite: The fee program was essential. I pointed out challenges and made recommendations on how to maximize its benefits to the park. ...Read More »