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Blog Posts in Financial Literacy

  • Up to Us Inspires Students to Sound the Alarm on National Debt

    An Up to Us Event at Jackson State University

    The Up to Us Competition is all about students engaging with their peers to educate and empower young people all over the US to have a voice in how we handle the economic challenges facing our nation. ...Read More »

  • Net Impact Updates for January 2016

    Join us this November in Philadelphia for #NI16

    A note from our CEO, Liz Maw: 2016 has been anything but boring here at Net Impact. We’re committed to doing more for our members and chapters than ever before, whether that’s bringing our annual conference on the road through our NIx initiative, bringing new people into the mix with our Impact Design expansion, and redoing our website. ...Read More »

  • A Net Impact Founder Draws Inspiration from His Colleagues ... and Charles Dickens

    This series profiles the work happening in our amazing community, one member at a time. Eric Weaver helped found Net Impact, and he's the CEO and Founder of Opportunity Fund. We're so glad that he's sharing part of his story with us here, along with some great advice and some reminiscing about the first Net Impact conference (faxes are involved, not to mention MBA students crying tears of joy). ...Read More »

  • Can Financial Securities Investment Prevent Diabetes?

    The financial industry probably isn't the sector you'd immediately think of when asked who will solve our nation's struggle with diabetes. What do traders and investors have to gain, after all, by helping the 72 million American adults who are projected to be pre-diabetic by 2020 avoid a lifetime struggle with the often fatal disease? The answer, according to a winning team of MBA students, is a 13% ROI. ...Read More »

  • Investing in the Future of Campus Sustainability

    More universities are investing funds in sustainability efforts that eventually pay for themselves. The Sustainable Endowments Institute (SEI) has launched an initiative to help boost these efforts, and the organization is looking for a talented Research Fellow on Net Impact's pilot Projects for Good platform. Emily Flynn, Manager of Special Projects, shares the details.  Laura: Can you tell me about the Sustainable Endowments Institute? ...Read More »

  • Go Forward with Enthusiasm

    In the era of bailouts and Occupy Wall Street, how does one answer the question, why do you want to be a banker? That's exactly what Jacqueline Novogratz found herself struggling to answer while interviewing with Chase Manhattan Bank after graduating from college, where she studied economics and international relations. She was as surprised as her interviewers when she realized she couldn't answer the question; she'd rather change the world. ...Read More »