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Blog Posts in Health

  • Do Something for a Good Cause

    Owerri chapter event

    The Net Impact Owerri Chapter exemplifies the belief in the power of networks and connecting individuals to create positive change. Its affiliated nonprofit, Eternal Hope Global Foundation (EHGF), is dedicated to “protecting, educating and empowering vulnerable people, in order to encourage and maintain well-being and economic growth, advanced health researches/innovation and sustainable development,” according to Chapter President and founder Chinadindu Godwin. ...Read More »

  • University of Toronto Rotman School of Management Named International Student Chapter of the Year

    University of Toronto Rotman School of Management is a leading Canadian business school with a strong international flair. Early-career business professionals from around the world flock to Rotman to study business, management, finance, and analytics. Increasingly, they’re focused on learning how to build sustainable businesses that create positive social impacts. It’s no surprise, then, that Rotman features a thriving Net Impact chapter with more than 100 active members and a leadership team that hails from six countries. Rotman was named International Student Net Impact Chapter of the Year for 2018. ...Read More »

  • Kellogg School of Management Named Graduate School Chapter of the Year

    Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is a hub of social impact activity. The business school’s Net Impact Chapter is the center of that hub and our 2018 Chapter of the Year for U.S.-based graduate schools. ...Read More »

  • One Woman’s Mission to Change the Sexual Product Industry

    Sustain co-founder Meika Hollender has just been announced as a 2016 Net Impact Conference keynote speaker

    Sustain is the first brand of all natural female-focused sexual wellness products. Sustain’s turquoise boxes of sustainably produced, non-toxic products can be found in the aisles of Whole Foods and Target stores nationwide. Sustain’s purpose?  ...Read More »

  • How I’m using my Kellogg MBA and Net Impact experience to lead a fish farming nonprofit

    Linnette's nonprofit, Fish4Hope helps the people of Haiti.

    Linette Lam is using the experience and skills she learned as a Net Impact member at the Kellogg School of Management to help the people of Haiti. ...Read More »

  • SIRUM: the for Unused Medicine

    Kiah Williams is saving lives by saving medicine.

    Kiah Williams is the co-founder for the organization, and has just been announced as a keynote speaker at the 2016 Net Impact Conference in Philadelphia this November 3-5. Learn more about the organization that is saving lives, money, and time. ...Read More »

  • Using Instagram to Measure Food Deserts

    A team of researchers found a new way to measure the types of food resident of food deserts are consuming: Instagram

    A team of researchers found a new way to measure the types of food residents in food deserts are consuming: Instagram. ...Read More »

  • Healthy Eating, Made Easy with the Newman's Own Foundation Challenge

    Sweet Fields is making healthy eating easier in Norristown, PA's food desert

    During the Spring of 2016, Net Impact partnered with Newman's Own Foundation to create the Newman's Own Foundation Challenge.  25 student teams from across the country got funding and mentorship to bring their nutrition ideas to life. ...Read More »

  • Net Impact Updates for January 2016

    Join us this November in Philadelphia for #NI16

    A note from our CEO, Liz Maw: 2016 has been anything but boring here at Net Impact. We’re committed to doing more for our members and chapters than ever before, whether that’s bringing our annual conference on the road through our NIx initiative, bringing new people into the mix with our Impact Design expansion, and redoing our website. ...Read More »

  • Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

    American healthcare. The phrase alone invites emotionally-charged debates and polarizing stances from both sides of the aisle. But at the center of the American healthcare system are people - patients, practitioners, policy-makers - who are struggling every day to find better answers. Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare tells the stories of some of these people. While the documentary exposes some of the critical issues at the heart of this system and its failures, it more importantly asks questions about how we might - together - begin to resolve them. ...Read More »