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  • Net Impact Updates for January 2016

    Join us this November in Philadelphia for #NI16

    A note from our CEO, Liz Maw: 2016 has been anything but boring here at Net Impact. We’re committed to doing more for our members and chapters than ever before, whether that’s bringing our annual conference on the road through our NIx initiative, bringing new people into the mix with our Impact Design expansion, and redoing our website. ...Read More »

  • Criticism of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Implications for Impact Investing Industry - The Challenges in Using Market Forces to Do Good

    Facebook co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced earlier this week that he and his partner, Dr. Priscilla Chan, would devote 99% of their wealth, approximately $45 billion, to create social good by making impact investments in sectors such as health, education, and energy.  ...Read More »

  • Merrill Lynch Publishes White Paper Regarding Impact Investing

    In a white paper published by the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Institute, Anna Snider, Head of Global Equity and Impact Investing Due Diligence, provides an overview of the contemporary impact investing landscape, derived from analysis of academic research and industry data. “Impact Investing: The Performance Realities” discusses risk assessment in impact investing, the growing body of evidence surrounding the financial performance of impact investing, and key development challenges to the impact investing industry.    Some key findings and observations include: ...Read More »

  • Profits and Purpose: Wharton Study Finds that Impact Investments Can Produce Both Market-Rate Returns and Long-Term Impact

    Impact investments are capable of producing market-rate returns alongside long-term impact, according to a study released by the Wharton Social Impact Initiative (WSII) at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In their study, Great Expectations: Mission Preservation and Financial Performance in Impact Investments, the WSII analyzes 53 impact-focused private equity funds, representing 557 individual investments, to determine the interplay between investment performance and impact mission preservation of portfolio companies on exit. ...Read More »

  • IRS Ruling Makes Impact Investments More Accessible for Private Foundations

    In an announcement released by the IRS, mission-related investments (MRIs) – investments made from a foundation’s endowment with the intention of generating social impact in addition to financial returns – made by foundations will be seen as “non-jeopardizing”, and thereby will not be subject to an investment gains tax. PRIs and MRIs: A Tax Perspective ...Read More »

  • Pay for Success Impact Investments

    Source:  Third Sector Capital Partners

    In partnership with Abode Services and Third Sector Capital, Santa Clara County announced Project Welcome Home, one of the first Pay for Success (PFS) impact investments in California. ...Read More »

  • Four Ways to Plot an Impact Career Focused on Investing

    This post is part of our ongoing impact career advice column. In this edition, impact investing expert R. Paul Herman fields a question from our network about how to start a career in impact investing with no finance experience. ...Read More »

  • The Financial Performance of Impact Investments

    The Impact Investing Benchmark demonstrates that impact investments are capable of producing internal rates of return (IRR) equal to, and at times better than, traditional investments of comparable size and geography. The Report was produced by the Global Impact Investing Network and Cambridge Associates.  Read on for more information. ...Read More »

  • Measuring the Impact of Governments and Nonprofits – And Their Muni Bonds

    It’s important that impact investors know how to measure impact across all investments, including muni bonds issued by governments and nonprofits. This important but often overlooked segment includes bonds from three sectors: state and local governments, healthcare, and education. ...Read More »

  • How Governments and Nonprofits Can Deliver Impact for Investors

    We all hear about the daily ups and downs of stock prices, the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500. But what about the bonds issued by governments and nonprofits? In the U.S., municipal bonds (munis) account for $3.7 trillion of financing for investors, which are attractive for their tax advantages and provide capital for positive impact. How does this support building a better world? ...Read More »


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