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Blog Posts in Job Search

  • How to Nail Your Zoom Interview

    How to Nail Your Zoom Interview | Net Impact

    Thanks to Coronavirus there’s been a major increase in the number of recruiters opting for video interviews. ...Read More »

  • Advance Your Career During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Yes, You Can Still Advance Your Career During the Coronavirus Pandemic We are living in unprecedented times as the world navigates the Coronavirus pandemic. As the impacts of the pandemic continue to unfold around the world, many are left feeling concerned about what affect this will have on their career path.  ...Read More »

  • 3 Questions With: Charles Orgbon III, Lead, San Francisco Sustainability Business Resource Group @ Deloitte

    Charles Orgbon III

    "3 Questions With" is a blog series that was launched in October 2019 by Net Impact, as a way to inspire our network of social impact leaders by interviewing influential members in the sustainability and social impact space. The series asks friends of Net Impact to explore three key areas: "the path to here", "today's impact", and "looking ahead." We hope you are inspired by those featured in this new series. If you are interested in being interviewed for the series or to nominate someone you are inspired by, please send an email to, with Three Questions in the subject line.  ...Read More »

  • 4 Reasons Why This Leading Career Coach Attends the Net Impact Conference Every Year

    Shannon Houde, Walk of Life Coaching

    Our team recently caught up with Shannon Houde, a longtime advisor and friend of Net Impact, and owner of Walk of Life Coaching, the leading talent and career advisory service in the impact and sustainability sectors. Here, she shares why she comes back to the Net Impact Conference year after year, how students and professionals can make the most of their Conference experience, and why it’s one of the best investments anyone can make in their social impact career. ...Read More »

  • Creating a New Standard for Doing Well While Doing Good

    "How do I find a job in sustainability?” 

    That’s the #1 question I get asked when teaching or coaching emerging leaders and young professionals. It’s the wrong question. The right question is, “How do I make my job about sustainability?”  I often see professionals struggling with this dilemma: smart, well-intentioned people who want to be successful, make a decent living, and feel valued, but also have a disquieting feeling that the work they do does not address the most important problems in the world. In fact, it may actually, if unwittingly, contribute to them. Is it possible to do well and do good in your day job? The answer is “Yes!” but not with “Business-As-Usual.”    ...Read More »

  • Finding a STEM Career with Impact

    Careers in STEM

    Our team met up with Aimee Hood, Regulatory and Scientific Engagement Lead at Bayer, to discuss finding a STEM career with impact, her path to a career with Bayer, her current work, and more.    ...Read More »

  • Navigate Your Next Networking Event with Ease

    5 tips to help you navigate your next networking event

    There is a reason why “networking” appears on every list of job search tips; because it is extremely important - but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Networking is a skill, and as such it does require a little preparation and practice. As always, we're here to help. ...Read More »

  • Tailor your formal bio for LinkedIn

    Take your formal bio and transform it into something smart-casual that’s just right for LinkedIn.

    Just as each social media service has its own role in job searches, each has its own biography requirements. Here’s how to take your formal bio and transform it into something smart-casual that’s just right for LinkedIn. ...Read More »

  • Top questions to ask in a job interview

    Nail any impact sector interview with insightful questions.

    Career coach Shannon Houde shares her top questions to ask your impact sector interviewer. ...Read More »