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  • Connections – that’s how we’ll rebuild communities

    Join Southwest at the 2016 Net Impact Conference

    At the 2016 Net Impact Conference, Southwest will be tackling the issue of community fragmentation, and you can help support them. Engage with Southwest leaders and community resilience experts, take a walking tour of Philadelphia, and explore ways to make communities stronger at NI16. ...Read More »

  • Are You Interested in Social Entrepreneurship?

    Take on Social Issues at NI16

    Whether you’re looking to launch a whole new venture or join an existing social enterprise aligned with your passions, this exciting field gives you the opportunity to apply innovative approaches to create scalable solutions.  We've packed the 2016 Net Impact Conference with workshops, panels, and speakers to give future and current social entrepreneurs (like you) skills and connections to make a lasting impact.  ...Read More »

  • Are you passionate about Climate Change?

    A guide to our climate and environment track at the 2016 Net Impact Conference.

    So are we. That's why we packed the 2016 Net Impact Conference with climate related programming. From workshops and panels to speakers and exhibitors, if you are ready to tackle climate change, NI16 is the place to be! ...Read More »

  • Magic Bus: Dignified Transport for Urban Slums

    Team Magic Bus - Net Impact members from Earlham College

    We're proud to announce four Net Impact members have made it to the finals of the $1 Million Hult Prize! ...Read More »

  • One Woman’s Mission to Change the Sexual Product Industry

    Sustain co-founder Meika Hollender has just been announced as a 2016 Net Impact Conference keynote speaker

    Sustain is the first brand of all natural female-focused sexual wellness products. Sustain’s turquoise boxes of sustainably produced, non-toxic products can be found in the aisles of Whole Foods and Target stores nationwide. Sustain’s purpose?  ...Read More »

  • SIRUM: the for Unused Medicine

    Kiah Williams is saving lives by saving medicine.

    Kiah Williams is the co-founder for the organization, and has just been announced as a keynote speaker at the 2016 Net Impact Conference in Philadelphia this November 3-5. Learn more about the organization that is saving lives, money, and time. ...Read More »

  • 4 Tips for Effective Corporate/NGO Partnerships

    Photo courtesy of General Mills

    The Nature Conservancy and General Mills have worked together to protect land and water for over 40 years - so they know a thing or two about NGO/Corporate collaborations.  Read on for their top 4 tips to effective partnerships. ...Read More »

  • What Do You Know About the Data Explosion?

    Do you know how much data we’re creating? By the time you finish reading this, the world will create nearly as much data as in all of human history up until the year 2003. ...Read More »

  • Your Career Path Might Be Wrong: Here’s Why (And How to Fix It)

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you know that dream job you think you want? You might be wrong. It turns out that people are really bad at predicting what will make them happy, and a career is a big part of happiness. If you don’t believe me, watch a great TED talk from Dan Gilbert on this topic. ...Read More »

  • Top Impact Conferences for 2015-2016

    From sustainability to social enterprise, this conference wishlist includes some of our favorite conferences that every Net Impact member should know about. Whether you’re looking to bulk up your professional skills, or network your way to your next impact career, these events are sure to get you one step closer to your big breakthrough. ...Read More »


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