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Blog Posts in Net Impact Conference

  • Your Career Path Might Be Wrong: Here’s Why (And How to Fix It)

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you know that dream job you think you want? You might be wrong. It turns out that people are really bad at predicting what will make them happy, and a career is a big part of happiness. If you don’t believe me, watch a great TED talk from Dan Gilbert on this topic. ...Read More »

  • Top Impact Conferences for 2015-2016

    From sustainability to social enterprise, this conference wishlist includes some of our favorite conferences that every Net Impact member should know about. Whether you’re looking to bulk up your professional skills, or network your way to your next impact career, these events are sure to get you one step closer to your big breakthrough. ...Read More »

  • How to Scale Your Company’s Societal Impact

    This post is part of our Voices series, featuring Net Impact leaders around the world who are making a difference on their campuses and in their careers. They’re sharing their insights and their inspirations, in their own words.   At a time when the social and environmental stakes are the highest they’ve ever been, leaders often need to break boundaries to bring lasting change. As the theme of the recent 2014 Net Impact Conference, this message was echoed across the more than 100 keynote and breakout sessions. And with attendance by more than 2,500 enthusiastic students and professionals, it was hard not to feel the infectious energy to move forward and tackle some challenges then and there. ...Read More »

  • Top Impact Conferences on Our Wish List

    Top Impact Conferences on Our Wish List

    Conferences are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and keep up with the latest trends in your field. But with so many to choose from these days, how do you pick the one (or more) to attend that will benefit you and your career path the most? Here’s a list of upcoming impact conferences on our own wish list, ranging in focus from sustainability to social enterprise. ...Read More »

  • How You Can Help Your Nonprofit Compete for Talent

    In a recent blog post on Stanford Social Innovation Review, Net Impact CEO Liz Maw writes about the need for nonprofits to step up their game in the competition for top talent. This challenge isn’t limited to human resources and hiring managers; every nonprofit employee has the potential to play an essential role in attracting top talent to their organization. Here are a few easy ways that you can impact your nonprofit’s ability to compete in the talent market: ...Read More »

  • 8 Questions with Shivani Ganguly

    This ongoing Q&A series profiles a few of the speakers we're looking forward to seeing at this year's Net Impact Conference. Shivani is the Founder at Friday Consulting and will be speaking in our Sustainable Food & Agriculture track. If you could spend 15 minutes with one impact hero past or present, who would it be and why? I'm a big fan of Jane Jacobs and her work on urban planning. It has deeply informed my work with food businesses and building communities. I'd love to talk with her over a glass of wine about creating public/private urban spaces. ...Read More »

  • Impact Careers: 5 Trends to Fill You with Confidence

    Sustainable Careers

    We’re always thinking about the key issues surrounding impact careers, but never more so than when we’re planning our annual conference – an event that offers plenty of opportunities to learn how to navigate the impact job market, whether you’re just starting out or you're a lifer looking for a change.  So, as conference preparations kick into top gear, it’s recently been a topic of considerable interest around the office. In our most recent research, we found unequivocal stats and data trends to show that the field remains a space full of opportunity, growth and optimism. If you're interested in impact careers, these five trends will fill you with confidence: ...Read More »

  • The Kind of Curiosity That Can Save the World

    Half a year's gone by since our last Net Impact Conference, but we keep coming back to the inspiration of Chip Conley's keynote on the role curiosity has played in his life. Currently the Head of Global Hospitality at Airbnb, Conley founded the Joie de Vivre boutique hotel group when he was 26 years old and ran the company as its CEO for nearly 24 years. In this video, Conley talks about how he integrates psychology and business to foster happiness with his employees, what happened when his calling started feeling like a mere job, and why he believes cultural curiosity will save the world. (Oh, and why he wants us all to experience “collective effervescence.”) ...Read More »

  • Reflections On an Unlikely Partnership: Waste Management & Recyclebank

    Dave Aardsma, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Waste Management, shares his company’s latest challenge – and the opportunities it brings. ...Read More »

  • Defining Sustainability at a Fortune 50

    For Target's Kate Heiny, the first challenge as Sustainability Group Manager isn't driving sustainable practices within a Fortune 50 company. It's educating 355,000 people on what sustainability means. But she's up for the challenge. Defining sustainability for thousands of employees nationwide might not be easy, but Target educates its employees by involving them in the conversation. The company developed an internal site that allows employees to suggest, view as well as rate and comment on each others' sustainable ideas. ...Read More »