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Blog Posts in Net Impact News and Programs

  • It's Time to #ImpactSummer

    Farmers market

    From barbecues to gardens to vacations, an array of fun activities awaits each year as summer kicks off. And for our community, most of those plans also bring another opportunity to make a positive impact. Maybe you’re making your barbecues sustainable this year, or starting a community garden, or offsetting the carbon emissions from your travel. We're so sure that you're full of inspiring and practical ways to make the most of your summer that we're declaring this season #ImpactSummer. And we’re hoping you’ll pass your ideas along with a video or photo on Instagram or Twitter.  ...Read More »

  • Events with Impact: From Dodgeball to Thinkathon

    With over 1,000 events hosted over this past year, our active chapter network never ceases to amaze us. From conferences to dodgeball tournaments to art exhibitions, our chapters host a wide variety of innovative events that make an impact. If you’re involved with a Net Impact chapter, look no farther for some inspiration for your next event. And if you haven’t gotten together with your local chapter yet, well, what are you waiting for? ...Read More »

  • 12 Cities in 12 Months: Impactathon Series Goes Global with Design Thinking

    The question behind each Impactathon has guided all 12 events in the global series: What will it take to get our next generation prepared for the workforce and to solve some of our most pressing social challenges? Over the last two months, Net Impact visited a handful of stops in Europe to introduce design thinking to students and employees in the hopes of generating new ideas and fostering strong connections. ...Read More »

  • Three innovative ideas to address the country’s toughest challenges

    Three student teams tackled critical issues as part of the MSNBC Growing Hope Challenge and discovered ways to make the world a better place. See how they did it here. ...Read More »

  • Net Impact Students Add Their Voices to Industry Sustainability Study

    Featuring Net Impact student perspectives, our new industry study launched in partnership with Globescan and BSR (Business for Social Responsibility). The research reveals how current and future leaders view the state of sustainable business, including notable similarities, differences, and emerging trends.  To learn more, see highlights below, or click here to see the full report. Highlights from Research Findings State of Sustainable Business -- Perspectives from Current and Future Sustainability Leaders ...Read More »

  • Impactathon Creates a Better World and Better Careers

    On October 11, 2014, SAP and Net Impact co-hosted a design thinking event, called an Impactathon, that I had the pleasure of attending. It was a prime example of the innovative ways social entrepreneurs can partner with large corporations to create good in the world – while building career skills! ...Read More »

  • Celebrating Our 2014 Chapters of the Year

    Our chapters make Net Impact’s mission a reality by empowering their members to pursue and create social and environmental change. Each year, we highlight three chapters that go above and beyond through their events, partnerships, and other accomplishments. We're proud to announce the 2014 Chapter of the Year winners:  Undergraduate winner: Net Impact Yale University
    Graduate winner: Net Impact University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business
    Professional winner: Net Impact Boston ...Read More »

  • Students Get Loud, Get Heard … and Get Fiscal

    Up to Us in Texas

    7 insiders show you how to get involved with an important issue and build your skills So many college students want to get involved with substantive issues, but they don’t know if their efforts really make a difference – and they aren’t always sure where to start. Up to Us, a campus competition where student teams across the country compete to raise awareness about the national debt, gives students an opportunity to get loud and get heard. Through Up to Us, students get the skills they need to make an impact – oh, and the winners get to meet President Clinton. ...Read More »

  • Change That’s Powered by Diversity

    Symantec and Net Impact

    How a partnership between Net Impact and Symantec is creating a more inclusive network. Diversity and inclusion are essential to creating a truly sustainable future. That's why Net Impact partnered with Symantec Corporation on an important project this year to increase the diversity of our network and bring new opportunities to students in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and women's colleges. ...Read More »

  • 10 Human-Centered Moments From Our First Impactathon

    SAP and Net Impact Impactathon

    Boundaries break down when you’re in a room with strangers for 10 hours straight – and that’s exactly what happened at our recent Impactathon held with global technology company SAP in the Bay Area. Over the course of a day, teams took part in our pilot Impactathon event, tackling a design challenge around getting young people the critical skills they need using the power of business and education. ...Read More »