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  • Announcing the 2014 Net Impact Gold and Silver Chapters

    These chapters make our network shine. Our network is stronger than ever, and some of our chapters are looking especially, well, shiny. Out of more than 300 chapters, 86 achieved Gold or Silver standing this year. These Net Impacters go way beyond the basic requirements, and we’re so proud of their work. "The 2014 Gold and Silver chapters are true leaders on campus and in their communities," says CEO Liz Maw. "They are empowering their peers to create positive social and environmental change every day and leading the way to a more sustainable future." ...Read More »

  • Three Lessons Learned From Startups

    The nonprofit sector has definitely come under examination in the last few years. From the increased focus on talent development, to the TED manifesto on warped charity perceptions, to the catchy Tumblr that brought to life nonprofit workers’ deepest frustrations: The social sector is finally in the limelight. Some would say part of this change is attributed to the Lean Impact movement. ...Read More »

  • Small Steps Result in Big Impact

    Why is it that when I do a Google search for Millennials are... the auto-fill responses end with lazy, selfish, and unhappy? I'm a Millennial, and I wouldn't use those words to describe myself or my friends. However, there clearly is a widely held misconception that Millennials are the me, me, me generation. Millennials aren't lazy. They're hard workers; they care about global issues, and they want to find careers that make them happy. But don't just take my word for it. There are students all over the world who are making a positive social and environmental impact in their communities. ...Read More »

  • Debt Matters

    This past year the issues of spending and national debt have been on the front pages of newspapers as politicians disagreed over budget proposals and gridlock led to a government shutdown. As Democrats and Republicans, economists and political scientists discuss the merits of their policy decisions, one group was largely left out of all discussion: young people. In 1936, Herbert Hoover famously said, Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt, and that statement rings true today. With $17 trillion in debt and no consensus on how to reduce the debt over the long-term, the US economy seems to be on a path for continued debt accumulation and it is the younger generation that will be left to foot the bill. However, there is hope.T ...Read More »

  • Resolutions That Don't Require the Gym

    Looking for a more meaningful resolution for 2014? Challenge yourself to do away with cliche New Year's resolutions and think about what you really want to accomplish this year. Whether you want to work smarter, take on a new project, or make your work more meaningful, Net Impact has resolutions you'll actually be able to keep in 2014, no matter where you are in life (and don't worry, no gym membership required). If you're looking to build your resume... ...Read More »

  • Honoring Our Chapters of the Year

    Net Impact chapters inspire their local community of students and professionals to make a difference in the world through work. Within this worldwide network is a special group of chapters that exceed expectations to host amazing events, expand their network, or join forces to create something special. Once a year we recognize those chapters and celebrate them as Chapters of the Year.And the winners are... Net Impact University of Maryland Undergrad (SUNI: Smith Undergraduate Net Impact), Net Impact Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and Net Impact Washington D.C. professional chapter. Our hats are off to you and all you've done. ...Read More »

  • From Revelation to Homecoming

    The 2013 Net Impact Conference was a coming home of sorts. This is ironic because one year ago, I did not know what Net Impact was, an undergraduate Net Impact chapter did not exist at my university, and I had just finished a prestigious consulting internship with no clue what to do with my career. My elevator pitch was a dud and I was stuck. ...Read More »

  • Have You Seen Our Annual Report?

    At Net Impact, we know it's critical to take time to pause and reflect. Our 21st year has been a remarkable one, thanks to the passionate involvement of the Net Impact community. Our mighty network has grown to over 40,000 strong, with more than 300 volunteer-led chapters spanning the globe, driving impact on campus and on the job. We're pleased to share some of these successes with you in our newly released annual report. ...Read More »

  • The 2013 Net Impact Conference: Change Starts Here

    Last weekend, 2,500 people traveled from as near as San Jose and as far as South Africa to join us at the 2013 Net Impact Conference. Driven by the belief that each of us has the capability to spark change - in ourselves, in the workplace, in the world - we came together for three inspired days of exploration, innovation, and experimentation. ...Read More »

  • Register for #NI13, Win Big

    With the 2013 Net Impact Conference less than a week away, we're already getting amped up for three days of high-energy impact. And to celebrate, we're giving away a handful of prizes generously donated by conference sponsors. Register before midnight Sunday (that's 12:00 am PST), and be entered to win one of the following awesome items: AT&T cell phone Levi's gift card TOMS eyewear There will be five winners, so plenty of chances to win. But you'll have to move fast: only conference attendees who register by midnight Sunday, October 20, will be entered into the drawing. ...Read More »


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