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  • Call for Entries: Do You Know a Promising Mind in Renewable Energy?

    The challenges facing the energy industry over the coming decades are immense, says Michael Puckett, a graduate student at Yale University. These are messy problems...which require a deep understanding of every aspect of the energy value chain, combined with a keen sense of intelligence and creativity. ...Read More »

  • Projects for Good in India

    Akhil Khurana and Lauren McHugh are corporate consultants for a global HR firm in India. But like many Millennials, they don't check their values at the door. Instead, they've teamed up with Net Impact's Projects for Good, an online platform connecting students who have the will - and skills - to make a difference with organizations who need them. So far, Akhil and Lauren have helped a number of nonprofits in India connect with our incredible pool of dedicated student talent. Projects for Good's Laura Diez asked them about their efforts... ...Read More »

  • CEO's Corner: Defining an Impact Job

    Preeti works at a microfinance organization in Ecuador, helping low income entrepreneurs start businesses. Clive works at an organic food company on new product development. Sara is a customer service rep at a major bank, and an active member of her branch's green team.Which of them have an impact job?A number of experts, including R. ...Read More »

  • Build an Impact Profile to Boost Your Job Search

    It's an age of social networks. We shop online, hang out online, do business online. And increasingly, employers are recruiting online, using social networks to research and reach out to attractive candidates. A staggering 90% of recruiters and hiring managers have scoped out social networks to vet a job applicant, according to Mashable. But not all networks are created equal; recruiters are getting savvier about where they turn to attract top talent. ...Read More »

  • Pulling Back the Curtain on Materials Manufacturing

    You're the company product manager. You have to reduce your energy load by a final 2% to meet this year's emissions quota. But you've already made every stride imaginable - reducing packaging needs, making smart transportation choices, and integrating end-of-life disposal. Now it's time to move beyond the low-hanging fruit. If only the materials used in manufacturing itself required less cost and energy than traditional ones... ...Read More »

  • WRI Taps Net Impact Students to Market New Initiative

    It is one thing to publish a report or put forward an idea, says Eliot Metzger of the World Resources Institute (WRI). It is quite another to translate that idea into a real and positive change in the world. Yet that's exactly what the WRI is doing with its latest undertaking: the Sustainability SWOT (sSWOT) initiative, which helps organizations translate broad and complex sustainability challenges into actionable strategies. ...Read More »

  • Infographic: What's the Effect of 45,000 Student Actions?

    Well, this semester certainly flew by. Of course, we were too busy to notice, as we were watching thousands of students make real social and environmental change around the world through the Small Steps, Big Wins Campus Challenge. Our latest infographic maps out their collective efforts, from CO2 prevention to blood donation. It goes to show that simple, everyday actions really do add up. ...Read More »

  • Last Chance: How Does Your Impact MBA Program Stack Up?

    The most recent crop of b-school students graduates this month and 60% of them already have a job offer, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). In fact, most of these students may have originally picked their MBA program based on how well it would equip them for the job market - and they probably leaned on one of the many rankings publications out there to help them. But if you're gunning for a great impact job, where do you turn for advice? ...Read More »

  • Fatten Your Resume and Your Wallet - While Building Nonprofit Capacity

    Projects for Good connects students who have the will - and skills - to make an impact with organizations who need them. Still in its pilot phase, our new online matchmaking site has already registered hundreds of students interested in flexing their business muscles on nonprofit and social venture projects. But Projects for Good is about making lasting change for both students and organizations, so we're offering an exciting cash grant to participants who demonstrate the greatest impact. ...Read More »

  • Clinton Honors Federal Debt Campaign at CGIU

    Pop quiz! Which one of these just doesn't belong? Last weekend I... A) Worked on a really tough project
    B) Clocked volunteer hours
    C) Hung out with friends
    D) Discussed the federal debt Raise your hand if you selected option D. Yeah, didn't think so. Who has time for something like long-term federal debt? Anyhow, that's not something that really affects us on a personal level, right? ...Read More »


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