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  • Conference Crowdsourcing: Net Impact Community Wants to Learn About Today's Techpreneur

    Our first ever Conference Workshopper App was a resounding success, crowdsourcing the best workshop ideas for the 2013 Net Impact Conference, to be held Oct. 24-26 in Silicon Valley CA, and opening them up to a community vote. Sixty-three submissions and 1,200 votes later, a team of Net Impacters from Colorado State University's Global Social Sustainable Enterprise MBA Program came out on top with 184 community votes. ...Read More »

  • Investing in the Future of Campus Sustainability

    More universities are investing funds in sustainability efforts that eventually pay for themselves. The Sustainable Endowments Institute (SEI) has launched an initiative to help boost these efforts, and the organization is looking for a talented Research Fellow on Net Impact's pilot Projects for Good platform. Emily Flynn, Manager of Special Projects, shares the details.  Laura: Can you tell me about the Sustainable Endowments Institute? ...Read More »

  • When's a Career Fair Not a Cattle Call?

    One week after Nemo shut down the city of Boston with over 25 inches of snow, Net Impact members and supporters alike gathered to participate in the first ever Net Impact Boston Career Summit. In typical Net Impact fashion, this event was far from your average career fair. Born from Net Impact Boston's desire to strengthen relations with the host of graduate student chapters in the area, the Boston Career Summit is a great example of network collaboration done right. ...Read More »

  • Renewing the Idea of a Resilient Future

    It often takes a crisis to get everyone talking about renewables - for instance, when energy grids cripple into wide-scale blackout (see: New York City in 2003, Jakarta in 2005, and half of India in 2012). Yet, time and again, especially in the United States, conversation falls to the wayside in place of other issues vying for the public's attention. Fortunately, a dynamic group of young scholars is set on talking about and tackling those challenges head on. ...Read More »

  • Are You Ready for Job Search Season?

    Finding any job in the current economy can be tough, so it might seem impossible to find one that also fits your personal values. Even figuring out where to begin the search can be daunting; the route to an impact job is far less defined than the search for conventional roles. But what if you had a road map? Better still: what if you had a group of peers along for the journey, providing the support and camaraderie to keep you focused on your mission?That's where Making a Path (MAP), Net Impact's career support program, comes in. From honing in on your passions, to finding the specific role that speaks to you and marketing yourself to prospective employers, MAP helps empower members so they can navigate the job search together. ...Read More »

  • Thinking Small with Big Results

    The Small, Steps Big Wins Campus Challenge is built on the belief that an idea, moment of inspiration, or simple action can set something powerful in motion. And social entrepreneur (and Net Impact member) Jo Tiongson-Perez is just one example...Jo's approach to change is written right on the front page of her company's website: Big change starts puny. In 2011, the Philadelphia communications professional and mother co-founded Punypixel, an eco-cool organic and ethical baby clothing line that gives a percentage of each sale to help kids around the world. ...Read More »

  • A Business Consulting Internship in the Great Outdoors?

    By now, many students are knee-deep in internship applications, scrambling to decide how best to spend their summers. But who wants to send out cover letter after cover letter just to end up in a poorly ventilated office tapping away at your keyboard all summer? ...Read More »

  • Meet Your Community: A Net Impact Member Snapshot

    We enter 2013 as a large and diverse community, growing every day. Yet we're unified by the belief that if we put our values to work each day, we can choose to change our organizations, our communities, and the world. So as we kick off a brand new year, we'd like to introduce you to your larger Net Impact community. Who are we? There isn't necessarily an average Net Impacter - because Net Impacters aren't average! When it comes to standard demographics, we're more evenly split between genders than we've ever been. ...Read More »

  • Pitching a Sustainable Business Plan in 90 Seconds?

    Think quick: You've got 90 seconds to convince a panel of sustainability experts that your business idea to build houses in Haiti is worth twenty grand. Welcome to the annual Walmart Quick Pitch Challenge. Nine students put their sustainable business ideas on the line during this rapid-fire session at the 2012 Net Impact Conference, hoping to pitch themselves into the finals of the popular Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge. The stakes? Twenty thousand dollars in seed money to turn their plan into reality (not to mention bragging rights). ...Read More »

  • Small Steps, Big Wins: Turning Millennial Optimism into Positive Impact

    On an average day, here's what I see as a flip through the news on my phone: 2012 Hottest Year on Record...Until 2013
    One in Six Global Citizens Lack Safe Drinking Water
    Natural Disasters Plague Cities from New York to New Delhi My generation certainly didn't create these problems, but we will have to try to solve them. But I keep hearing that Millennials are too entitled and apathetic to make an impact. I couldn't disagree more. ...Read More »


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