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  • Recapping the 2012 Net Impact Conference

    Last weekend, I stood facing nearly 2,700 like-minded and passionate people at our 2012 Net Impact Conference and posed a challenge: do you have the courage to lead us - rapidly - into a new world of responsible and sustainable solutions? ...Read More »

  • Net Impact at Twenty: The Business of a Better World

    Jim Schorr founded the Net Impact chapter at Kellogg and led a group of four classmates to Net Impact's founding conference in 1993. He subsequently served on Net Impact's Board of Directors from 2001-2011 and as Board Chair from 2008-11. He currently teaches social entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley and Vanderbilt. ...Read More »

  • Announcing the Winners of the 2012 Impact at Work Award

    While plenty of awards congratulate corporate figureheads and high-profile personalities, Net Impact's Impact at Work Award recognizes the hardworking but unsung individuals who roll up their sleeves to implement measurable change on the job. The award not only recognizes Net Impact members for their ongoing efforts, it helps build credibility and exposure for critical if lesser-known projects, and serves as both inspiration and practical case study for other Net Impacters working to drive positive change at work. I'm thrilled to announce our 2012 winner, a pair of exemplary members who have brought sweeping changes to their organization: ...Read More »

  • The Right Stuff: Chapter of the Year Winners Explain What It Takes

    The Net Impact chapter community is definitely booming. Today we welcome more than 300 chapters to our global network, each making a huge difference every day on campuses and in communities. Leading a chapter isn't easy juggling work, school, management, planning, and - oh yeah - a life. But once a year, Net Impact honors those chapters that stand out among the rest, and names them Chapter of the Year. ...Read More »

  • Ryan, Romney, Barack & Biden: Who Knows Best About Long-Term Debt?

    By now you've probably seen an article, a few infographics, and a slew of tweets about Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate. One topic at the forefront of those discussions is long-term debt - both our federal government's debt, and the $194.8 billion American students owed their government in student loans in 2012 alone. But with all the debate about how best to address it and whose plan is best, one group of Americans have been largely left out of the conversation: the students themselves. ...Read More »

  • Inside Net Impact's New MAP Program

    Encouraging impact careers is all well and good, but how does Net Impact make sure we're walking the walk? Abby Davisson, our Director of Career Strategy & Programs, shares a look behind the scenes of our upcoming campus-based MAP (Making a Path) program. MAP provides the peer support and accountability students need to feel less isolated, overwhelmed, and just plain stuck in their impact job searches. Jess: Where did the idea for the MAP program spring from? ...Read More »

  • Making the Pitch: Selling Sustainability from Inside Corporate America

    Imagine you're the sustainability director at your company, responsible for developing and implementing core initiatives across your organization. What's more important to your success: your knowledge and expertise around sustainability issues, or your interpersonal skills? If you're like most sustainability professionals entering the field, you might say subject matter expertise. But once those pros are on the job, they say something very different, according to a new study from Vox Global, Net Impact UC Berkeley Undergrad, and the Weinreb Group. The results were revealing: ...Read More »

  • A Corporate Responsibility Mentor in Your Back Pocket

    If you've ever tried convincing your colleagues to do the right thing only to find blank and dubious stares looking back at you, you'll want to read Changing Business From the Inside Out: A Treehugger's Guide to Working in Corporations. Written by Net Impact board member Tim Mohin, the book is an ultra-practical how-to guide for any aspiring corporate responsibility (CR) professional. ...Read More »

  • Liz Maw on CBS: Workers Want Impact Jobs

    This past weekend, CBS program Bay Sunday invited Net Impact CEO Liz Maw to discuss our Talent Report: What Workers Want in 2012. We're so thrilled to see the message spreading to mainstream media channels!   ...Read More »

  • Net Impact Chapters Set the Gold (and Silver!) Standard

    When the Windy City debuted its first annual Chicago Ideas Week, following the lead of numerous cities around the country, Net Impact Chicago was right in the thick of it. The professional chapter, in partnership with Edelman, convened a panel of experts to discuss the future of Chicago's climate action strategy. That event helped Net Impact Chicago earn Gold status this year, a ranking that goes to a distinguished handful of high-achieving undergraduate, graduate, and professional chapters in our network annually. ...Read More »


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