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Blog Posts in Poverty

  • Snapshot of a Global Career in Sustainability

    From Australia to France and then the United States, the path this Senior Manager of Sustainability has taken winds around the world. ...Read More »

  • Quick Tips: Build Your Social Enterprise From Concept to Reality

    Dream of launching your own social enterprise but not sure where to start? Akanksha Hazari, social entrepreneur and Founder of m.Paani, gives tangible, actionable advice on what it takes to get a great idea off the ground - from choosing a pilot community to creating a 6-month budget - in this Issues in Depth online dialogue. ...Read More »

  • Projects for Good in India

    Akhil Khurana and Lauren McHugh are corporate consultants for a global HR firm in India. But like many Millennials, they don't check their values at the door. Instead, they've teamed up with Net Impact's Projects for Good, an online platform connecting students who have the will - and skills - to make a difference with organizations who need them. So far, Akhil and Lauren have helped a number of nonprofits in India connect with our incredible pool of dedicated student talent. Projects for Good's Laura Diez asked them about their efforts... ...Read More »

  • $1 Million to Solve the Global Food Crisis? Yes, Please.

    Take one of the world's biggest challenges: the global food crisis. Add a $1 million prize to solve it. Throw in some of the brightest minds of our generation and what do you get? The largest case competition out there: the Hult Prize. With innovation this big, it should come as no surprise that four out of the five finalist teams have Net Impact connections. ...Read More »

  • Conference Crowdsourcing: Net Impact Community Wants to Learn About Today's Techpreneur

    Our first ever Conference Workshopper App was a resounding success, crowdsourcing the best workshop ideas for the 2013 Net Impact Conference, to be held Oct. 24-26 in Silicon Valley CA, and opening them up to a community vote. Sixty-three submissions and 1,200 votes later, a team of Net Impacters from Colorado State University's Global Social Sustainable Enterprise MBA Program came out on top with 184 community votes. ...Read More »

  • Hope for Bangladesh: Fire Safety in the Garment Industry

    On the heels of the most recent Bangladeshi factory fire, former Net Impact board member Marcus Chung shares his thoughts on a recent trip to Bangladesh, where he toured several garment factories. As Marcus says, It's unconscionable that any person should lose his or her life in the name of garment manufacturing. Here, he describes why he is cautiously optimistic. ...Read More »

  • Explore the Water-Energy Abu Dhabi

    When we were contacted by our friends at Triple Pundit for help promoting an incredible competition they're running that will send one lucky individual to Abu Dhabi for Sustainability Week, we figured we'd let them tell us about it in their own words. So Triple Pundit founder Nick Aster joins us below for a quick run-down of this incredible opportunity, perfect for bloggers, sustainability experts, students, and anyone interested in water and energy issues. ...Read More »

  • Approaching International Development with Local Solutions

    International development efforts sometimes come under fire for steamrolling over local communities, pushing an outsider's agenda in ways that don't truly solve the problems of the people living with them over the long-term. Mireille Cronin Mather, Executive Director of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, will discuss the highly-localized approach her organization takes in our upcoming Invest in Local Solutions, End Global Problems Issues in Depth call this Thursday, Aug. 16. ...Read More »

  • Check Out These Winning Ideas for Social Innovation

    If you've ever wondered how to measure the value of diversity - ethnic diversity, certainly, but also diversity of backgrounds, diversity of ideas, and diversity of skills -look no further than the winners of this year's Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge. Open to universities across the country, the Challenge, in partnership with Net Impact, gave 50 teams the chance to pitch their sustainable business solution or product to Walmart executives (and score some seed funding). ...Read More »

  • Impact in Antarctica: Our Workshop Goes Polar

    Imagine being woken from your sleep. It's not quite 7 a.m., and you're aboard a massive sailing vessel, floating as far south on the planet as anyone's ever sailed, making your way slowly toward Antarctica. A voice directs you above deck, where the temperature is below freezing. There, surrounded by your shipmates from 22 different countries, you look up and witness a wall of blue-white ice. Nearly 100 feet high and many miles long, this shelf of ice broke free a decade ago from the continent that housed it for 12,000 years. ...Read More »