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  • We Asked, You Answered… “How Do You Feel about Our New President?"

    Read what 5 Net Impact members had to say when asked about our new president and how they plan to drive impact this year.

    As we enter a new year, with a new president, we want to hear from our Net Impact community on how you feel about our new administration and how you plan to turn your passions into world-changing action this year.  ...Read More »

  • Discover the Power of Design with Joanne, Net Impact Fellow and Passionate Innovator

     Joanne Ng practicing impact design in the Dominican Republic.

    Our Net Impact community continues to drive impact for a more just and sustainable world and we like to highlight members on our blog who are leading the change.  Meet Joanne Ng. In our office she is an impact design fellow, but beyond our walls she is a passionate innovator using creativity to design solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but that are thoughtful in their social and environmental impacts. Can you tell us more about your work on the Senegalese latrine design?  ...Read More »

  • Stay Invested, Stay Inspired, Stay Involved

    Recent events have shown a divided nation, but collectively we can inspire and drive social and environmental impact. We just have to stay strong, stay inspired, and stay energized for the future. ...Read More »

  • The 2016 Net Impact Conference - Three Days of Inspiration and Impact

    Each fall Net Impact hosts a national conference to activate a movement for those who want to change the world. The 2016 Net Impact Conference convened over 2,400 student and professionals to “make history” and allowed attendees to not only shape their future, but also the world.  ...Read More »

  • Day 1 of the 2016 Net Impact Conference

    The 2016 Net Impact Conference has started to make history, kicking off with day 1! Couldn't make it? Here's our recap of the first of three days filled with inspiration, connections, and change.  ...Read More »

  • Famous Chefs Find Innovative Opportunities for Social Impact at the Rio Olympics

    Famous chefs are collecting food scraps from the Olympic Village and creating meals for the needy.

    Rio, a city currently struggling with issues including violence, a virus outbreak, and polluted waters, has found innovative ways to use the Olympics to solve current challenges within the city. Here’s one way they are bracing for impact, with help from a few famous chefs. ...Read More »

  • Using Instagram to Measure Food Deserts

    A team of researchers found a new way to measure the types of food resident of food deserts are consuming: Instagram

    A team of researchers found a new way to measure the types of food residents in food deserts are consuming: Instagram. ...Read More »

  • 5 Reasons You Don't Want to Miss NI16

    We hope you'll join us this November in Philadelphia

    The 2016 Net Impact Conference will take place November 3 - 5 in Philadelphia, PA.  Learn why you need to attend this one-of-a-kind event. ...Read More »

  • Finding a New Career Path

    Make an impact

    So you chose the wrong major, or took the first job offered to you. Maybe you’re bored or too stressed or maybe you joined a Net Impact chapter during your final semester of business school and you realized you want a job with a positive environmental or social impact.  There are a lot reasons you might want to change your career path.  If you’ve been thinking that it is time for a change but don’t know how we’re here to help.  We present 5 steps to successfully finding a new career path. ...Read More »

  • 4 Tips for Effective Corporate/NGO Partnerships

    Photo courtesy of General Mills

    The Nature Conservancy and General Mills have worked together to protect land and water for over 40 years - so they know a thing or two about NGO/Corporate collaborations.  Read on for their top 4 tips to effective partnerships. ...Read More »


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