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  • Day 1 of the 2016 Net Impact Conference

    The 2016 Net Impact Conference has started to make history, kicking off with day 1! Couldn't make it? Here's our recap of the first of three days filled with inspiration, connections, and change.  ...Read More »

  • Famous Chefs Find Innovative Opportunities for Social Impact at the Rio Olympics

    Famous chefs are collecting food scraps from the Olympic Village and creating meals for the needy.

    Rio, a city currently struggling with issues including violence, a virus outbreak, and polluted waters, has found innovative ways to use the Olympics to solve current challenges within the city. Here’s one way they are bracing for impact, with help from a few famous chefs. ...Read More »

  • Using Instagram to Measure Food Deserts

    A team of researchers found a new way to measure the types of food resident of food deserts are consuming: Instagram

    A team of researchers found a new way to measure the types of food residents in food deserts are consuming: Instagram. ...Read More »

  • 5 Reasons You Don't Want to Miss NI16

    We hope you'll join us this November in Philadelphia

    The 2016 Net Impact Conference will take place November 3 - 5 in Philadelphia, PA.  Learn why you need to attend this one-of-a-kind event. ...Read More »

  • Finding a New Career Path

    Make an impact

    So you chose the wrong major, or took the first job offered to you. Maybe you’re bored or too stressed or maybe you joined a Net Impact chapter during your final semester of business school and you realized you want a job with a positive environmental or social impact.  There are a lot reasons you might want to change your career path.  If you’ve been thinking that it is time for a change but don’t know how we’re here to help.  We present 5 steps to successfully finding a new career path. ...Read More »

  • 4 Tips for Effective Corporate/NGO Partnerships

    Photo courtesy of General Mills

    The Nature Conservancy and General Mills have worked together to protect land and water for over 40 years - so they know a thing or two about NGO/Corporate collaborations.  Read on for their top 4 tips to effective partnerships. ...Read More »

  • Net Impact Updates for January 2016

    Join us this November in Philadelphia for #NI16

    A note from our CEO, Liz Maw: 2016 has been anything but boring here at Net Impact. We’re committed to doing more for our members and chapters than ever before, whether that’s bringing our annual conference on the road through our NIx initiative, bringing new people into the mix with our Impact Design expansion, and redoing our website. ...Read More »

  • Change for Good in 2016

    It’s that time of year.  New Year’s Resolutions are everywhere: in your inbox, on your favorite website, in texts from your friends. You may have even made one yourself.  Here at Net Impact we know you can do well and do good. We say forget about your New Year’s Resolution and try a New Year’s Revolution! Read on to learn more! ...Read More »

  • Collaborating to Nourish 9 Billion

    Students and industry discuss the future of STEM and Food at NI15

    At Net Impact's 2015 Conference, students and industry came together to discuss the future of food.  Thought leaders at Google, Starbucks and Monsanto directly engaged with students from across the world during the Nourishing 9 Billion Challenge session.  Read on to see what Monsanto Economist, Mac Marshall thought of the event. ...Read More »

  • 4 Reasons to Demand Diversity and Drive Innovation

    With real diversity and inclusion efforts, everyone wins. ...Read More »


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