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  • News You Can Use: Make 2015 Your Most Impactful Yet

    News  You Can Use is our monthly update featuring key coverage of impact trends, leadership tips, sustainable business, and Net Impact.…stay educated. Research and Trends Top business sustainability trends of 2014 Guardian Sustainable Business, Dec 22 ...Read More »

  • Winning the Talent Game

    Tiffany T. is the kind of young woman that could become a nonprofit lifer. She’s smart, articulate, and above all else committed to making a difference in the world. But as she started her job search and senior year at UC Berkeley last fall, Tiffany set her eyes not on the nonprofit sector but on mission-driven business. Now a recent graduate, she's working within the corporate citizenship department of a Fortune 100 company. “I’m happy working at a big company, because I feel like they really have the capacity to inspire others and make change in the world,” says Tiffany. ...Read More »

  • Bold Goals Require Bold Partnerships

    At this year's Net Impact Conference, I participated in a session–Good at Doing Good–that explored what makes a nonprofit a successful, high-impact organization able to create and sustain lasting social change. As founder and CEO of KaBOOM!—the national nonprofit dedicated to bringing balanced and active play into the daily lives of all kids—I am proud of the impact we’ve had building more than 2,500 playgrounds in 18 years in communities all across the country. However, we at KaBOOM! also recognize that we cannot scale our organization to build enough playgrounds to address this challenge at the scale it exists in society, particularly for the 14.7 million American kids growing up in poverty. ...Read More »

  • 8 Questions with Matt Mahan

    This ongoing Q&A series profiles a few of the speakers we're looking forward to seeing at this year's Net Impact Conference. Matt is the CEO of Brigade Media and will be speaking in our Nonprofit & Public Sector Innovation track. ...Read More »

  • How You Can Help Your Nonprofit Compete for Talent

    In a recent blog post on Stanford Social Innovation Review, Net Impact CEO Liz Maw writes about the need for nonprofits to step up their game in the competition for top talent. This challenge isn’t limited to human resources and hiring managers; every nonprofit employee has the potential to play an essential role in attracting top talent to their organization. Here are a few easy ways that you can impact your nonprofit’s ability to compete in the talent market: ...Read More »

  • Three Lessons Learned From Startups

    The nonprofit sector has definitely come under examination in the last few years. From the increased focus on talent development, to the TED manifesto on warped charity perceptions, to the catchy Tumblr that brought to life nonprofit workers’ deepest frustrations: The social sector is finally in the limelight. Some would say part of this change is attributed to the Lean Impact movement. ...Read More »

  • The Great Untapped Hiring Source

    Net Impact member Sonja Skvarla runs A Social Ignition, assisting both nonprofit and for-profit clients who work to remove barriers to employment for people with criminal records. At a time when we're seeing a near record-setting ratio of job applicants to openings, companies are looking for the best fitting employees. They want the employee that will learn, grow with the business, and be invested in the outcome. Despite this quest, most companies automatically exclude 7% of working-age adults in their search. ...Read More »

  • Net Impact UCLA Members Tackle Human Trafficking

    Keeping a social sector organization afloat takes work: it's sometimes a struggle to get donations, pay staff, and coordinate volunteers - not to mention sticking to the mission that got you there in the first place. ...Read More »

  • A New Frontier for Leadership Development?

    The nonprofit world has long been thought of as a bastion for the selfless. It's often seen as the place to work if you're more interested in giving than receiving, because - so the prevailing wisdom goes - there's not as much profit in it as other sectors, financially or professionally. But according to a new study from The Bridgespan Group, that view may change - because smart nonprofits are starting to take leadership development very seriously. ...Read More »

  • The Challenges of Ascribing Value to Natural Capital

    Guest author Sonal Pandya Dalal, Senior Advisor for Corporate Leadership Strategies at Conservation International, will be facilitating the Natural Capital and the Application of Valuing Ecosystem Services workshop at next week's 2012 Net Impact Conference. ...Read More »


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