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  • What Does It Take to Move from Business to the Nonprofit Sector?

    Allison Jones is an Editor at, a nonprofit that connects people to the opportunities, resources, and community they need to take action and create a better world. She also blogs at where she helps Millennials find careers that make a difference. You can reach her at allison [at] idealist [dot] org or connect with Idealist on twitter @Idealist. ...Read More »

  • Measuring with the Right Metrics

    Last week, Net Impact hosted Aaron Hurst, Founder and CEO of the Taproot Foundation, for a casual fireside conversation (never mind the fact that we don't actually have a fireside) with Liz, in which Aaron shared his path to forming Taproot, insights he's gleaned while running the organization, and some interesting parallels to the work we do at Net Impact. ...Read More »


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