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  • Quick Tips: Engaging Employees in Sustainability

    Engaging employees in sustainability can generate big wins for the environment, employee satisfaction, and the financial bottom line. But how do you create an effective program for employees dispersed across thousands of locations? And how do you make sure your efforts excite not just the super-greens, but everyone else -- from sales staff to executives? ...Read More »

  • Six Tips for Building Partnerships

    At this year’s always popular South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival, a group of undergrads gained a coveted view. The Net Impact Texas State University (TSU) undergrad chapter worked hard for that spot. The group is only one of 12 undergraduate chapters to reach gold status, and it was named undergraduate Chapter of the Year in 2012. Now, by partnering with local businesses and events, Net Impact Texas State Undergrad is making an even more impressive impact. ...Read More »

  • Being Fearless in the New Year

    Trying to change the world can be exciting and gratifying. It can also be lonely and scary. That's why so many social sector organizations - including our own - have loved to see examples like the Case Foundation's Be Fearless campaign.The Be Fearless campaign recognizes that true, transformational change is hard and takes courage. To make significant impact, you need to ask unpopular questions, upend conventional norms, and form difficult collaborations. ...Read More »

  • Quick Tips: Tackling Systemic Challenges in Sustainability

    Many of the sustainability challenges facing the world today can't be solved by just one company. These issues require true collaborative action, focused on creating real value for system participants. But how do you approach such broad challenges? How do you effectively engage various stakeholders to ensure initiatives have real impact? ...Read More »

  • Quick Tips: Build Your Social Enterprise From Concept to Reality

    Dream of launching your own social enterprise but not sure where to start? Akanksha Hazari, social entrepreneur and Founder of m.Paani, gives tangible, actionable advice on what it takes to get a great idea off the ground - from choosing a pilot community to creating a 6-month budget - in this Issues in Depth online dialogue. ...Read More »

  • Quick Tips: Sharing Your Inner Rockstar

    Not sure how to really shine when meeting new business contacts? We all have an inner rockstar, but sometimes we need help getting them out on stage to make a great first impression. Check out our quick tips and resources pulled from our recent Issues in Depth online dialogue with author and career coach Jaymin J. Patel. ...Read More »

  • 3 Soft Skills Every Sustainability Leader Needs

    Excelling in a sustainability role requires an extensive science background, right? Not quite. The going notion may be that technical skills will help you tackle environmental impact at work - but that's only part of the picture. For the majority of really effective sustainability leaders, soft skills are far more critical to getting the job done. So how do you know if you've got what it takes? Whether you're looking to initiate conversation inside your company or spearhead a new program, here are three soft skills every sustainability leader should develop. ...Read More »

  • On Our Radar: Tools for On-the-Job Impact

    Part of our job at Net Impact is to provide all of you with the best resources you can use to create change on the job. But who wants to reinvent the wheel, when there are so many other great resources out there? We've rounded up a few of the latest tools that have caught our eye for leading a change agenda at work. ...Read More »

  • Four Tricks to Building Support for Your Change Efforts

    Change is hard. On a personal level, it's emotionally challenging to break ourselves of habits we're attached to, and on an institutional level, it can be exceedingly difficult to overcome the inertia of ingrained systems and bureaucracies. So we asked a group of folks who know all about implementing change in the workplace - our former Impact at Work Award winners - how they managed to make significant company-wide impact while doing their day jobs. Communication, they say, is key. So here are four tricks to gaining buy-in for your next impact project... ...Read More »

  • Quick Tips: Transitioning to the Impact Sector

    Is there something meaningful missing from your job? Maybe you're looking for a role where you can do more for the world with the skills you have. Then flip through this deck of tips straight from Making the Switch: Transition Your Career into the Impact Sector, our recent Issues in Depth call featuring nonprofit and for-profit professionals who've done just that. ...Read More »


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