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  • Net Impact at Twenty: The Business of a Better World

    Jim Schorr founded the Net Impact chapter at Kellogg and led a group of four classmates to Net Impact's founding conference in 1993. He subsequently served on Net Impact's Board of Directors from 2001-2011 and as Board Chair from 2008-11. He currently teaches social entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley and Vanderbilt. ...Read More »

  • 5 Lessons for Millennials Looking for an Impact Job

    Hey, Millennials: caught yourself in the news lately? You might've read that you're less likely to be hired than Boomers, not going to buy a home or car anytime soon, and workers wages are at an all-time low. Yikes. ...Read More »

  • What Does It Take to Move from Business to the Nonprofit Sector?

    Allison Jones is an Editor at, a nonprofit that connects people to the opportunities, resources, and community they need to take action and create a better world. She also blogs at where she helps Millennials find careers that make a difference. You can reach her at allison [at] idealist [dot] org or connect with Idealist on twitter @Idealist. ...Read More »

  • 3 Tips for Communicating About Sustainability within Your Organization

    New data looking at sustainability experts on the job from Vox Global, Net Impact UC Berkeley Undergrad, and the Weinreb Group suggest that interpersonal skills are critical to these employees' successful sustainability efforts. The report, Making the Pitch: Selling Sustainability form Inside Corporate America, also indicates that internal staff and executives are the top contributors to successful initiatives. But how do you turn numbers into action? Here are three tips, pulled with permission directly from the report, to help you communicate about sustainability more effectively within your own organization. ...Read More »

  • Notes from Undergrads

    For those who know us as a network of MBAs, it might just surprise you to learn that Net Impact chapters are springing up on undergrad campuses across the country at a rapid pace. Of course, maybe that's not so surprising, given that the majority of students in our recent survey say they want to use their job to contribute to society. But are undergrads really ready to be tackling the idea of an impact career? Aren't they too young? Too confused? ...Read More »

  • A Corporate Responsibility Mentor in Your Back Pocket

    If you've ever tried convincing your colleagues to do the right thing only to find blank and dubious stares looking back at you, you'll want to read Changing Business From the Inside Out: A Treehugger's Guide to Working in Corporations. Written by Net Impact board member Tim Mohin, the book is an ultra-practical how-to guide for any aspiring corporate responsibility (CR) professional. ...Read More »

  • When It Comes to Corporate Responsibility, Vocabulary Matters

    Ever wondered how those lucky few manage to land the sweet sustainability gigs at big-impact companies like Walmart and Target? Well, why not go straight to the source? We just published one such story from Net Impacter Rob Kaplan, Senior Manager of Sustainability at Walmart, and it turns out it's really not about luck after all. ...Read More »

  • Reflections from a Net Impact Intern

    Caroline Kessler, one of our intrepid interns, shares some insights as she departs for her next big adventure. Caroline's work as our Communications Intern included getting our Leading Business e-news off to 30,000+ members every two weeks, keeping track of Net Impact coverage in the news, manning our social media channels, and otherwise tirelessly supporting our marketing staff - all while bringing an awesome sense of humor and attitude to our San Francisco headquarters. ...Read More »

  • Six Tips for an Effective Informational Interview

    In such a competitive economy, it's important to make the most of your conversations and connections to stand out in today's job market and create your own impact career path. So how do you turn the conventional informational interview into a true discussion? Here are six best practices: 1. Be specific It may sound counterintuitive to job seekers, but being open to any and all opportunities won't increase your chances of finding something great. In fact, the more specific you are about what you want, the easier it will be for others to help. For example, don't say you're interested in sustainability roles. Say you want to help large companies reduce waste by improving packaging design.  ...Read More »

  • A Job That Pays the Bills - and Lets You Make an Impact?

    We all know today's job market is different than it was even a few years ago. The rules have changed, and job seekers are forced to navigate an unfamiliar, often confusing terrain. As a result, you might be tempted to settle for the first thing that comes along. Well, today we offer a helping hand: the support system you need to land the job you want. You know the one we're talking about. It's okay, you can say it: it pays the bills and gives you the chance to make your mark on the world. ...Read More »


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