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  • Taking the Next Step in Your Impact Career: Master’s Degrees and Strategic Volunteering

    This post is the first advice column in our new series. In this edition, longtime impact expert and career coach Shannon Houde tackles two questions. ...Read More »

  • Meet the Experts: Our 3 Impact Career Advice Columnists

    Impact career advice columnnists

    We're thrilled to announce that we're launching an advice column this April. We've heard from so many of you that you want to find an impact job, or that you want to make a measurable difference where you work. You have big goals and dreams, and we want to help! We've lined up three impressive experts who will be on hand this spring to answer your questions. This is your chance to hear directly from pros on the front lines of impact work. A CSR expert, an impact investor, and a career coach are here waiting for your questions. So ... what do you want to know? Send us your questions, and one of our experts may answer it in an upcoming column. Read all about their expertise. ...Read More »

  • Risks Worth Taking and Skills Worth Having

    Have you ever taken a smaller risk that led to something bigger? Like, say, a haircut that led to a move to China? The social entrepreneurs featured here in these videos from our friends at Cafe Impact tell surprising stories and share important insights. (Also, one reveals his favorite interview question to ask potential new hires.) ...Read More »

  • Money or Meaning: Do Impact Careers Always Require a Tradeoff?

    Impact career

    One of the more frustrating dilemmas, when it comes to thinking about an impact career, is the question of salary. You want to make a difference in the world and do work that matters, but you also need to get paid. Maybe you have student loans to pay off or a family to support, or you just want to feel like your salary appropriately reflects the value that you bring to an organization. Those needs are reasonable, but reconciling salary requirements with an impact career path often feels impossible. ...Read More »

  • 7 Experts Share Ways to Create Big Change

    Need some extra momentum to put your goals in motion this year? We have some ideas, even if those goals require you to break a few boundaries along the way. We asked our NI14 conference speakers when they've found themselves breaking boundaries in their careers. Their answers are proof that there's more than one effective way to shake things up and create big change, whether you're working across sectors, across cultures, or even across teams. ...Read More »

  • A Journalist Makes the Leap to the Social Sector

    This series profiles the work happening in our amazing community, one member at a time. Dan Schiff is the president of the Net Impact Washington, D.C. professional chapter and is a former journalist who made the leap into the social sector. Now a global project manager, Dan's sharing his story here (and some great advice). ...Read More »

  • Best Impact Advice of the Year

    Some of our favorite moments on the blog this year came from our conference speakers, who shared their stories and their advice. Like you, they’re all doing impressive work. Of course, changing the world isn’t easy. The good news is that we don’t have to go it alone: We’re featuring our speakers’ top tips for making a positive impact, from taking risks every day to never taking "you can't" for an answer. ...Read More »

  • High-Impact Entrepreneurs Share the Best Advice They Never Got

    This is a guest post written by Evan Coller, Social Venture Network. ...Read More »

  • Quick Tips: Working Toward Zero Waste

    Adopting a zero-waste mindset in your business will pave the way for both environmental and financial wins. But how do you create a program that balances sustainability and consumer satisfaction? And how do you engage the right stakeholders at the right time? On a recent Issues in Depth call, we chatted with Nestle Waters North America’s EVP of Corporate Affairs, Heidi Paul, about how her company has evolved its approach to sustainability, integrating a zero-waste mindset into every level of operations. Explore key takeaways from our conversation with Heidi in the slides below. Inside, you’ll find tips and tricks from a seasoned sustainability veteran that will help inform your own workplace waste reduction goals. ...Read More »

  • The Kind of Curiosity That Can Save the World

    Half a year's gone by since our last Net Impact Conference, but we keep coming back to the inspiration of Chip Conley's keynote on the role curiosity has played in his life. Currently the Head of Global Hospitality at Airbnb, Conley founded the Joie de Vivre boutique hotel group when he was 26 years old and ran the company as its CEO for nearly 24 years. In this video, Conley talks about how he integrates psychology and business to foster happiness with his employees, what happened when his calling started feeling like a mere job, and why he believes cultural curiosity will save the world. (Oh, and why he wants us all to experience “collective effervescence.”) ...Read More »


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