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  • Revitalizing a Net Impact Chapter in the Heart of Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley is home to many large technology corporations you’ve likely heard of: Facebook, Google, Intel, etc. But it’s also home to thousands of startups that you may not have. In the midst of this whirlwind of productivity around us, Net Impact Silicon Valley saw an opportunity to bring the Net Impact mission to professionals in the area and build a cross-functional synergy among them. ...Read More »

  • Myth Busting: Corporate Jobs Are Evil

    You've heard these myths before: you've gotta go into the business world if you want real leadership skills. Corporate jobs, though, are totally evil. But nonprofit work doesn't pay anything. In her ongoing series, Net Impact CEO Liz Maw unpacks five myths that are holding back our society's ability to solve its most difficult problems. Because these myths aren't just misguided, they stand in the way of good people doing good work - work that could change the world.Back in 2011, Occupy Wall Street hit a nerve. People from all walks of life congregated in major cities from New York to Fairbanks to protest our financial system. ...Read More »

  • The Great Untapped Hiring Source

    Net Impact member Sonja Skvarla runs A Social Ignition, assisting both nonprofit and for-profit clients who work to remove barriers to employment for people with criminal records. At a time when we're seeing a near record-setting ratio of job applicants to openings, companies are looking for the best fitting employees. They want the employee that will learn, grow with the business, and be invested in the outcome. Despite this quest, most companies automatically exclude 7% of working-age adults in their search. ...Read More »

  • Three Reasons You Should Be Doing Informational Interviews... Even If You're Happily Employed

    Considered a chore by some, the informational interview can actually be an incredibly valuable resource for anyone who cares about the trajectory of their career. They can help you cultivate relationships with professionals who might eventually provide a job connection or they can help you better understand different industries, roles, and other professional challenges. Which makes them important both during a job search and when you're not actively looking. In fact, getting to know people in other organizations and different jobs can make you better at yours.Here are three reasons you should schedule your next informational interview right now: ...Read More »

  • Three Stages of an Impact Career

    When Net Impact CEO Liz Maw identified three kinds of impact-focused career types common among MBA students, it resonated with Net Impacters and non-members alike. So when Taproot Foundation founder Aaron Hurst shared his take on the typical trajectory of those who seek a career that makes a difference in the world, we asked if we could share it here to continue the conversation. ...Read More »

  • Want to Drive Big Impact? Start Small

    Jessica Rudnick had big ideas when she joined a Net Impact chapter last fall, ready to make an impact on campus. But she quickly discovered it wasn't going to be as easy as she'd hoped. The sophomore, currently studying environmental sciences and engineering, found the Net Impact Washington University (St. Louis) undergrad chapter tight-knit and dedicated, yet lacking in numbers. The question loomed: how do you reach folks who haven't integrated social and environmental values into their everyday habits? ...Read More »

  • Three Myths of the Impact Job Search

    Think you know what it takes to land that perfect impact job? Do you even know what that job looks like? Even the savviest Net Impacter can benefit from a closer look at the reality of positioning yourself for a job in this market. Career consultant Shannon Houde hosted Map Your Skills to the Sustainability Jobs Market, an Issues in Depth interactive online workshop, to share what it takes to land a job in CSR or sustainability. ...Read More »

  • 3 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Career Setback

    Sahaar Rezaie grew up helping her dad with the family business, so as graduation loomed, it seemed logical to scour the market for a job in business development. Jumping into account management was easy, and she quickly moved on and up, sharpening her skills in marketing and advertising over the years. But when the economy tanked and Sahaar was laid off, discoveredsomething meaningful was missing. Here, Sahaar offers three insights on making it through a time of uncertainty – one that ultimately led to an impact career doing work she loves. 1) Give yourself the time and space to reflect. ...Read More »

  • Building a Career in the Impact Sector: Conference Advice from the Pros

    How do I transition out of my old job and into the Impact Sector? As a sustainability careers consultant, this is one of the most common questions I get asked by my clients, and the recent Net Impact panel discussion Breaking into the Impact Sector: Solving the Experience Catch-22 was a great opportunity to explore some of the answers. ...Read More »

  • A New Kind of Worker for the Impact Economy

    Some call them competencies. MBAs call them skill sets. Fast Company named an entire generation after those who've reinvented them (Generation Flux). But it boils down to this: our economy is shifting dramatically, and the modern worker must adapt. ...Read More »


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