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Blog Posts in Transportation

  • Net Impact & Toyota's Next Generation Mobility Challenge

    One month into the Foster MBA program I found myself at the Toyota and Net Impact Next Generation Mobility Challenge. On my team there was a transportation engineer, industrial engineer, human centered design engineer, a construction manager and me, the MBA. I signed up for the event because it reminded me of the engineering challenges I did as an undergraduate in mechanical engineering. I jumped at the opportunity to work with engineers again, perhaps subconsciously seeking the comfort of the familiar in this whirlwind of an adventure that has been my first month as an MBA student. ...Read More »

  • 3 Ways You Can Make Your Commute Eco-Friendly in 2016

    It’s no surprise that the way we choose to travel can have an effect on the health of our environment. We know that transportation has an immense carbon footprint, impacting climate as well as air, water, and soil quality. ...Read More »