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Blog Posts in Trends and News

  • Being Fearless in the New Year

    Trying to change the world can be exciting and gratifying. It can also be lonely and scary. That's why so many social sector organizations - including our own - have loved to see examples like the Case Foundation's Be Fearless campaign.The Be Fearless campaign recognizes that true, transformational change is hard and takes courage. To make significant impact, you need to ask unpopular questions, upend conventional norms, and form difficult collaborations. ...Read More »

  • Walking the Talk: Event Diversity & #NI13

    Fifty-four percent. That's how many female speakers - of almost 350 - we currently have booked for the 2013 Net Impact Conference. Twenty-three percent of speakers are people of color. As the Content Fellow at Net Impact, I track speaker diversity for #NI13, so when my Twitter feed blew up in the wake of a recent controversy around this issue, I knew this conversation deserved more than 140 characters. ...Read More »

  • Where Are Grads Getting Jobs, Anyway?

    Last year, our Up to Us student teams stirred things up on campus, developing creative campaigns to bring attention to our country's fiscal issues. When it comes to economic opportunity, one of the obvious concerns for most students is...getting a job. ...Read More »

  • CEO's Corner: Defining an Impact Job

    Preeti works at a microfinance organization in Ecuador, helping low income entrepreneurs start businesses. Clive works at an organic food company on new product development. Sara is a customer service rep at a major bank, and an active member of her branch's green team.Which of them have an impact job?A number of experts, including R. ...Read More »

  • Our 4 Most-read Posts for the Long Weekend

    As many of us gear up for summer barbecue weather, fireworks, and Fourth of July jubilation, we figured you could use a little reading for the weekend (especially if, like us, you're lucky enough to have a long weekend ahead of you). So here are our four most popular posts on the blog based on all-time readership: Three Myths of the Impact Job Search Think you know what it takes to land that perfect impact job? Do you even know what that job looks like? Even the savviest Net Impacter can benefit from a closer look at the reality of positioning yourself for a job in this market... ...Read More »

  • Sustainability Means Business

    Six weeks ago, Net Impact partnered with Unilever to convene more than 100 students at Imperial College of London in the UK for the first in a series of Net Impact chapter events around the world designed to mobilize the next generation of sustainable business leaders. Co-hosts and chapter leaders Ela Rose and Jared Smith share their thoughts on the event and its implications for the future of sustainable business. By Ela Rose and Jared Smith, Imperial College of London  ...Read More »

  • Can Financial Securities Investment Prevent Diabetes?

    The financial industry probably isn't the sector you'd immediately think of when asked who will solve our nation's struggle with diabetes. What do traders and investors have to gain, after all, by helping the 72 million American adults who are projected to be pre-diabetic by 2020 avoid a lifetime struggle with the often fatal disease? The answer, according to a winning team of MBA students, is a 13% ROI. ...Read More »

  • New Infographic: What's Your Impact Path?

    Whatever path you take, Net Impact is there to connect you to the right people, equip you with tools you need, and support you as you forge your own impact career. So make your next move; explore your path today. 20130507_memberjourney_800px.jpg ...Read More »

  • Clinton Honors Federal Debt Campaign at CGIU

    Pop quiz! Which one of these just doesn't belong? Last weekend I... A) Worked on a really tough project
    B) Clocked volunteer hours
    C) Hung out with friends
    D) Discussed the federal debt Raise your hand if you selected option D. Yeah, didn't think so. Who has time for something like long-term federal debt? Anyhow, that's not something that really affects us on a personal level, right? ...Read More »

  • Building a Pipeline for Water Reuse

    Kate Peabody, Net Impact member and communications strategist for the CH2M HILL Water Business Group shares how we can make the most of one of our most precious resources - water. ...Read More »