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Blog Posts in Trends and News

  • Net Impact at Twenty: The Business of a Better World

    Jim Schorr founded the Net Impact chapter at Kellogg and led a group of four classmates to Net Impact's founding conference in 1993. He subsequently served on Net Impact's Board of Directors from 2001-2011 and as Board Chair from 2008-11. He currently teaches social entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley and Vanderbilt. ...Read More »

  • Tackle the World's Water Issues

    Writers and serial collaborators Barry Libert and John Spector once said: We are smarter than me. This simple idea is one of the reasons Net Impact provides opportunities like our annual conference and many student competitions. We love to see other organizations harnessing the power of collaborative brainpower to uncover environmental innovation. If you're ready to make a splash, here are two competitions focusing on water issues that offer a great opportunity to put your best thinking forward... ...Read More »

  • Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

    American healthcare. The phrase alone invites emotionally-charged debates and polarizing stances from both sides of the aisle. But at the center of the American healthcare system are people - patients, practitioners, policy-makers - who are struggling every day to find better answers. Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare tells the stories of some of these people. While the documentary exposes some of the critical issues at the heart of this system and its failures, it more importantly asks questions about how we might - together - begin to resolve them. ...Read More »

  • Go Forward with Enthusiasm

    In the era of bailouts and Occupy Wall Street, how does one answer the question, why do you want to be a banker? That's exactly what Jacqueline Novogratz found herself struggling to answer while interviewing with Chase Manhattan Bank after graduating from college, where she studied economics and international relations. She was as surprised as her interviewers when she realized she couldn't answer the question; she'd rather change the world. ...Read More »

  • Liz Maw on CBS: Workers Want Impact Jobs

    This past weekend, CBS program Bay Sunday invited Net Impact CEO Liz Maw to discuss our Talent Report: What Workers Want in 2012. We're so thrilled to see the message spreading to mainstream media channels!   ...Read More »

  • Recruiting and Team Building the Triple-Bottom-Line Way

    Do social ventures have special considerations when it comes to recruiting and engaging top talent? Journalist Anne Field recently spoke to several experts on team-building and recruiting for social enterprises for One of those experts was Erin Worsham, of the Center for Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke University, who pointed out the need for talent that grasps the triple bottom line: ...Read More »

  • Advocating for Impact: What Workers Want

    Net Impact's new Talent Report: What Workers Want in 2012, our nationwide U.S. study conducted with Rutgers University, lets the cat out of the bag. We Net Impacters are already in on the big secret, but now we've got the research to back it up: employees who have the opportunity to make an impact on social or environmental issues on the job are more satisfied than their colleagues who don't, by almost a 2:1 ratio. ...Read More »

  • What the Heck's an Intrapreneur?

    "We're too cutting edge to be recognized by spell check!" We're loving this video produced by our friends at Brave New Workshop. Go ahead and share it – help your friends become an intrapreneur, too! ...Read More »

  • Tracking the Rise of the Impact MBA

    UPDATED: While the number of programs featured in Business as UNusual has indeed risen by more than 170% as originally cited, after re-running the numbers the actual increase over five years is 194%, leaving us with an even more impressive rise of impact MBA programming. ...Read More »

  • Reflections on Davos

    Davos. The word immediately conjures up the world's most exclusive and important meeting of powerful leaders from every sector. I'd heard stories of running into Michael Dell in the hall, the Finance Minister of France by the coffee, and Bill Gates in the elevator. But is there more to the World Economic Forum's annual meeting than fancy parties with the rich and powerful? Thankfully, yes - and mostly it's good news, with occasional room for improvement. ...Read More »