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  • Net Impact Reaches 100,000 Members

    Net Impact reaches 100,000 Members

    Since our founding in 1993, Net Impact has always believed in the collective potential of young people to change the world.  Through almost 25 years of experience, we have become the world’s best training ground for students and young professionals who want to make a difference in the world. Today, we’re proud to announce another milestone: 100,000 members! ...Read More »

  • Top Teams from Toyota's Next Generation Mobility Challenge Event Series

    Students at Northwestern's Next Generation Mobility Challenge get expert advice

    This school year we partnered with Toyota to launch the Next Generation Mobility Challenge Event series. Teams of students at 15 campuses across the U.S. collaborated locally with other participants and competed nationally to generate solutions.  Read on to learn about the winning ideas from each school. ...Read More »

  • Put Your Heads Together. Make a Difference Now.

    Climate change will only get worse if we don't do something to stop it now. We're challenging you to challenge your company to start being more sustainable, but first, get inspired by reading about how other businesses are doing it. ...Read More »

  • Better Your Day with Better Bowl and the Newman's Own Foundation Challenge

    Locally sourced, seasonal, organic creation by Better Bowl

    We caught up with UC Berkeley's Better Bowl to ask a few questions about the story behind the business idea, as well as how the Newman's Own Foundation Challenge has changed the project. ...Read More »

  • 3 Earth Day Resolutions for 2016

    Net Impact employees volunteering at a beautification project in San Francisco

    Just as January 1st provides an excuse to examine yourself and make a few New Year’s resolutions, Earth Day on April 22 provides the perfect time to check in with your greenness and decide where to make some changes. ...Read More »

  • Liz Maw talks career advice, values and #NI16

    Liz Maw with some of Net Impact's 2015 Diversity Scholars

    This week, Net Impact CEO, Liz Maw spoke with Angela Copeland on her Copeland Coaching Podcast.  Angela was a founding member of both the Pepperdine University Graduate Net Impact Chapter and Memphis's Professional Net Impact Chapter and is currently a career coach. ...Read More »

  • What's your plan for Earth Day?

    Happy Earth Day!

    We're highlighting a few of our favorite 2016 Earth Day events, including our own in-house upcycling challenge, so you really have no excuse but to act. ...Read More »

  • The Power of Business to Nourish Lives

    Students and Industry Leaders come together figure out how to nourish 9 billion by 2050

    My South African students giggle as I walk by the sleeping student. I gently touch the student’s arm until he slowly lifts his frail frame, struggles to open his eyes, and gradually falls back asleep. My student, whose parents work sugar cane fields, is starving. ...Read More »

  • Students make a Local Impact with the help of NIx

    Local Impact NW attendee asks question

    This year we’re bridging the gap between our annual conference and the many independent events hosted by our chapters. We’re calling it NIx and providing our chapters with the tools and skills they need to put on bigger and better regional events. ...Read More »

  • Today is the U.N.'s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: Take Part!

    Source: Phil Roeder / CC BY

    March 21st is the United Nation's International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, a day that calls on the global community to redouble its efforts to remove all forms of racial discrimination.  Read on to learn more about the origins of this day and how you can take part in the efforts. ...Read More »


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