Net Impact Chapters are local like-minded communities committed to making a difference in the world.

Build skills, make connections and gain experiences through your local Net Impact Chapter.

For students, think of it like a club on campus.  With the support of the Net Impact Central team, you can enjoy unique programs and fun events that not only help you develop transferable skills, but also provide you unparallelled access to influencers, crtical for your career with impact.

For professionals, you'll attend networking events and programs with a community of like-minded peers and influencers in the sustainability and social impact area. Because of the leadership skills gained, the strong network you build, and the access and leverage from Net Impact Central, you will be poised to grow your career for a lifetime of impact. 

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Our chapters are available at every stage of your career journey.


On large and small campuses


In business, environmental, international, public affairs, and other programs


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