Boston Spotlight: Sustainability Breakfast Series

Sustainability Breakfast Series


New year, new ideas, new ways to build momentum with your chapter! Try a breakfast series with your chapter to start the day reinvigorated and ready to make an impact.

Now in its second year, the Net Impact Boston Sustainability Breakfast Series was started to create a regularly-scheduled, relaxed, and informal space for sustainability professionals and those interested in sustainability to get to together for networking, idea sharing, and relationship building. Breakfasts take place before work on the third Wednesday of each month at a central location and attract about 15-20 attendees, all of whom come to engage with the sustainability community in Boston, get exposed to new ideas and advice from their peers, and kick off the day in an energizing way.

Tips from Net Impact Boston:

  • Start with two committed breakfast champions to organize, promote, and attend the event each month
  • Find a central venue with ample space – bonus points for sustainability credentials
  • Test out the venue before launching and get buy-in from the owner or manager
  • Have information ready about your chapter, like pamphlets or quarter sheets
  • Consider creating a structure to facilitate conversation
  • Strive for continuity: keep location and time the same each month so attendees always know when and where the event’s happening


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