Doing Good with Data & Technology

I work at ShareProgress, a data and technology consulting firm whose mission is to help organizations (i.e., Greenpeace, Center for Tobacco-Free Kids and AFL-CIO), spread and grow their impact by providing design, development, and data analytics support. Our mission is to help organizations focused on supporting the less fortunate or making life more equitable for everyone.

We are always looking to improve the world we live in and we love coming up with new ways to engage audiences through education or digital advocacy projects.

Check out our past work here in web development, data analytics and training:

And let me know if we can help you out!

Web Developer, ShareProgress


Justine - this is fantastic! I work in a data role for a nonprofit and will be sure to spread the word to my peers. Of course, let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Paul Collier Data Manager | The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center