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Service Corps

Service Corps provides an opportunity for students and professionals to use their business skills to help local nonprofits or businesses. Volunteers engage in short-term, part-time consulting projects related to marketing, business planning and operations, strategic planning, and other business needs.

Why should my chapter get involved?

Service Corps provides members with tangible nonprofit management and consulting experience, opens career opportunities, and brings valuable business skills to the nonprofit sector. It also offers a hands-on way to turn Net Impact ideals into action. It's a great recruitment tool for members looking to get involved in their community as well as those interested in nonprofit or consulting careers.

“Not only were we be able to give back to the nonprofit, we were able to learn a lot about the industry. The keys to our success were a team that worked well together, open lines of communication with the nonprofit, and a very detailed project plan.”

- Sahana Naganda, Service Corps Leader, New Jersey Professional Chapter

Looking for a done-in-a-day project? Try Quickfire

A Quickfire session offers the sustainability expertise of your Net Impact members to a lucky client in a punchy four hour design-thinking inspired session. The Quickfire by Design consulting team has designed a program guide for Net Impact chapters to use their tools, resources and framework to provide Quickfire Pro Bono consulting sessions for organizations in your community.