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Planting the Seeds of Hope: A Fundraiser for the Alan and Ghalib Kurdi Foundation

The photograph of three-year-old Alan Kurdi lying face down on a Turkish beach in 2015 gained international media attention for the global refugee crisis, prompting the need to provide support to refugee children—the most vulnerable amidst political turmoil. To address this issue, Alan’s father and aunt, Abdullah and Tima, have turned tragedy into positive action by founding the Alan and Ghalib Kurdi Foundation, which raises funds to provide nutritious food, clothing, medication and school supplies to children living in refugee camps.

Please join us for Tima Kurdi’s keynote address on the Syrian refugee crisis and how the Alan and Ghalib Kurdi Foundation can change the lives of the children who remain victims of war-torn regions. This keynote event is aimed to promote and educate a broad and diverse audience on the realities of the refugee crisis and how we, as global citizens, can make a meaningful difference by supporting the Foundation.

The evening, which will be moderated by CBC reporter Bal Brach, will conclude with a dialogue period during which the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions in response to Tima’s presentation.

Seating will be on a first come, first served basis, and light appetizers and refreshments will be available.

Minimum $10 suggested donation to attend this event, with all proceeds going directly to the Alan and Ghalib Kurdi Foundation to support children living in refugee camps.


Background Information:
For nearly six years, civil war has ravaged Syria and has displaced more than 11 million civilians from their homes in attempts to flee the violence and find refuge elsewhere. Children are those most affected and vulnerable to the war. While attempting to escape the horrors of war, Alan and Ghalib Kurdi lost their lives. It was the now iconic photo of Alan, lifeless on a Turkish beach, that became a wake-up call to the rest of the world about the war, its impacts, and how citizens of the world can act and open their hearts and borders to the fleeing refugees.

Founded by Abdullah and Tima Kurdi, the Alan and Ghalib Kurdi Foundation seeks to educate and raise awareness of the refugee crisis while also directly aiding children in refugee camps. We are especially grateful and excited to propose a speaker event featuring Tima Kurdi, who is an internationally recognized speaker and has spoken to many organizations across the world about the refugee crisis and how governments, businesses and citizens can take practical steps to help. Aiming to broadcast her message to the students of Simon Fraser University and to the greater public of Vancouver, we would like to foster dialogue on this issue in hopes that our efforts can educate and spark engagement and action within the student body here at SFU.

A special thank you to all of our partners who made this event happen:
Alan and Ghalib Kurdi Foundation
Net Impact Segal Chapter
SFU Vancouver
SFU Public Square
SFU Meeting, Events and Conference Services
Graduate Business Students Association
Graduate Business Womens Council
SFU Beedie School of Business