Start a Net Impact Chapter

Interested in starting a Net Impact chapter? You’ve come to the right place. You’re now on the exciting path to chapter launch and becoming one of the 250 chapters in our Net Impact community!

Apply to start a chapter

Here's what you need to prepare before applying to become a Net Impact chapter:

1. Recruit a leadership team

Each chapter needs 3-6 individuals for the core team. See examples of leadership positions.

2. Register for free membership

Each chapter leader must create a user account at

3. Students: Find a faculty advisor

Faculty advisors are required for undergraduate and graduate chapters. Find out more about how to build these relationships.  Once you've found a faculty advisor, make sure that they have created a user account at

Apply now! Apply upon completion of the steps above. Our team will be in touch shortly after.

After you apply

Once a chapters team representative has gotten in touch, you can start to create a strong framework for your Net Impact chapter before you hit the ground running.

1. Review chapter guidelines and requirements

Read about what active chapters in our network look like as well as the few administrative requirements your chapter must fulfill. 

2. Draft and send us an Annual Plan

Using a template we provide, your plan should outline:

  • Leadership team strategies including a team structure, plan for leadership meetings, chapter goals, etc.
  • How you’ll secure funding for your chapter
  • 3 membership recruitment strategies (find materials here)
  • Ideas for your chapter’s first 6 events

See all details on how to create an Annual Plan using our template.

3. Students: Get administrative recognition

Many universities have their own requirements for student groups in order to receive funding and reserve meeting rooms. See more details on how to research and obtain administrative recognition.

4. Schedule a call with our team

We'll discuss your Annual Plan and next steps.

Finalizing the chapter launch

It's down to the final preparations before you execute your chapter's launch event!

1. Sign our chapter affiliation agreement

Our chapter affiliation agreement is a legal document defining the relationship between your chapter and Net Impact Central.

Optional: Create chapter bylaws to set the structure and organization within your chapter’s leadership team.

2. Create an online presence

Start by populating your chapter's web page. Many of our chapters also create Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn pages.

3. Send us your finalized Annual Plan

After incorporating any feedback we provide, make sure we have your finalized Annual Plan.

4. Launch your chapter

Make your chapter official by planning and executing a launch event. Don't forget to post the event to your chapter's web page!