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Over 55 sessions for undergrads and grad students to discover and deepen their path to purpose!

Leading with the Triple Bottom Line

Corporations are key stakeholders when it comes to both the challenges and solutions in social and environmental impact. Nearly all major companies are working in this space, but there are only a few key leaders. Hear from the people driving CSR and sustainability forward in their own companies. They will share what it takes to integrate impact metrics and values across the company, and offer advice for how you might carry on their work in the future.

Empowering Undergrads to Embrace Purpose

As an undergrad, it can be very overwhelming to know which career path to pursue when everyone is going in different directions. You know what you you like, and a few types of jobs have piqued your interest, but you are not sure how to choose. In this session, you will answer tough questions to help guide you through your career decisions and walk away with an understanding of what you need to achieve a career with purpose.

Civic Engagement to Drive Social Justice

Local communities and governments need bright young minds to help chart their future, but what does it take to create authentic, inclusive, and sustainable civic engagement? This session will bring together leaders to discuss the need for engagement at the community level, and share their own approaches to promote social justice. After the discussion, you will explore these pressing topics in small groups and share their thoughts with the rest of the group. You will walk away with a better understanding of how you can take action in your own community.

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Other events and offerings for students: Sum & Substance

What is your path to purpose? At this after-hours session, hear from leaders who have created purpose and meaning into their work. Each speaker will share their own story and challenge you to make bigger, bolder bets on your own impact. After the session, network with other conference attendees.

Sips Under the Sea

Unwind from the excitement of the conference at Sips Under the Sea, a cocktail party to enjoy the Georgia Aquarium after hours. You'll have the entire Aquarium to yourself while enjoying drinks, tapas and entertainment! Must be 21+ years old to attend. This event is open to the general public based on ticket sales from the Aquarium directly.

Small Group Mentoring

Small Group Mentoring will provide groups of three to five attendees the rare networking opportunity to sit down and connect with leading professionals in the impact world. Attendees will be given the chance to ask mentors unique questions about their current work and career path. If you snag one of these limited spots, don’t forget to do your homework and prepare for what could be a career-changing conversation! Reservations are required, please look for an email in the coming weeks after you register for the conference.

Beers & Careers with Dave Stangis

Join Dave Stangis of Campbell's Soup Company for a pint while relaxing on a Friday afternoon. Dave will be there to discuss your career opportunities and engage with attendees. Space is limited. Reservations are required, please look for an email in the coming weeks after you register for the conference. Must be 21 or over.

One on One Career Coaching

Coaching will allow attendees the exclusive opportunity to individually meet with a Career Coach or seasoned professional. Attendees are encouraged to come prepared with 1-2 focused questions, discussion topics, or goals to drive an engaging and productive conversation. Reservations are required, please look for an email in the coming weeks after you register for the conference.