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Women Deliver

Women Deliver is a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. Our advocacy drives investment–political and financial –in the lives of girls and women worldwide. We harness evidence and unite diverse voices to spark commitment to gender equality. And we get results. Anchored in sexual and reproductive health, we advocate for the rights of girls and women across every aspect of their lives. We know that investing in girls and women will deliver progress for all.

Women Deliver supports Deliver for Good, a global campaign that applies a gender lens to the Sustainable Development Goals and promotes 12 critical investments in girls and women to power progress for all. The campaign was launched at the global level in 2016, with national campaigns in Kenya and Senegal launched thereafter.

Women Deliver seeks a consultant, a Kenyan national based in Nairobi, to provide services to the Deliver for Good Kenya Advisory Group and the coalition on an interim basis. The consultant will:

Facilitate a process among the Advisory Group members to draw lessons from the first year of implementation, and obtain consensus on the models, modalities and mechanisms for the coalition’s ongoing work
Support and coordinate the coalition partners in implementing the shared advocacy strategy work plan activities
Background: With support from Women Deliver, from March 2018-March 2019, the Deliver for Good Kenya coalition implemented the first year of its national multi-sector, multi-issue advocacy campaign to put girls and women at the heart of Kenya’s sustainable development agenda.

The broad and diverse coalition includes partners who are implementing the campaign’s activities across five thematic investment areas, via their corresponding thematic work groups (access to land resources; economic empowerment; sexual and reproductive health, with a focus on adolescents; political participation; data; and a further group on communications). The coalition is guided by 13 Advisory Group members who provide strategic direction and leadership, and also implement activities.

The consultant has extensive experience and is a recognized expert in Kenya in international and community development, with experience working with women’s rights organizations and working on women’s and girls’ rights and gender equality.

Educational qualifications and experience:

Bachelor degree required
7-10 years of experience working with civil society organizations, including women’s rights organizations, feminist movement, and networks
The consultant will play an important role in the campaign’s efforts to advance gender equality priorities as a coalition. They have proven expertise, skills, knowledge, and experience with:

Coalition building (leading, convening and organizing) and management
Consensus building, across a range of stakeholders
Strategic planning, including facilitating collaborative coordination and decision-making processes
Communication skills (including across platforms (email, Whatsapp, Skype))
Political awareness and engagement
Of stakeholders: government (national and sub-national), non-government organizations, civil society networks (including women’s rights organizations/ feminist movements), donors (governments, foundations, etc.)
Of the policy landscape in Kenya, including the Sustainable Development Goals and President Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda
Project coordination, management and implementation at national and sub-national levels and in collaboration with international partners
Project financial management

The consultant is responsible for the following main categories of activity:

Facilitation of strategic planning:
Facilitate a collaborative process through consensus with and among the Advisory Group members to:
Establish longer term, sustainable vision and operating mechanism for the coalition on the above, and including:
Role of Deliver for Good Kenya Advisory Group members in operations and governance of the campaign
Define models and modalities for shared coalition work, and propose mechanisms for distribution of funds to partners for activity implementation

Build on assessments of Y1 successes, lessons, and challenges (including bilateral discussions with members, about guiding principles and values, role of donor, role of AG, coalition engagement, etc.)

Interim Support and Coordination of Campaign:
Provide interim facilitation and coordination for the coalition, including:
Convene coalition members (including routine Advisory Group meetings (including thematic work groups, and broader coalition meetings); ensure rotation of hosting meetings; playing an enabling role to set agendas and ensure minutes and follow up
Coordinate and provide oversight to implementation of the advocacy strategy activities, ensuring simultaneous execution across all five thematic investment areas, and that the planned activities align with the DFG campaign outcomes.
Support coalition members in response to key emerging opportunities, in line with advocacy strategy priority objectives
Support and track the progress of the strategic communications elements of the campaign, via the Communications Working Group and Women Deliver team

Project Implementation and Financial Management:
Build processes for accountability and transparency about funding, resource management among the coalition and in line with coalition principles and values
Establish Deliver for Good project implementation and financial management guidelines and provide technical assistance to funding recipients
Liaise with Women Deliver team to support disbursement of funds to coalition members, vendors, etc. in line with budgeted strategy activities; manage the documentation and record keeping related to funds spent on campaign activities
Review coalition financial activity and reports and prepare narrative and financial reports for Women Deliver

Other project implementation and financial management duties as required.

Guide the smooth transition from interim coordination model to sustainable arrangement, including consistent and transparent communications

Consultancy period: September 2019 – March 2020
Anticipated start date: September 16, 2019
Level of Effort: Part-time; minimum of 20 hours (max. 30h) per week during period indicated above.

To be considered, please provide:

Up to date CV
Free requirement
Two to three professional references (Name, Title, Organization, Contact Information—phone and email, your relationship). Please prioritize organizations or companies where you’ve held similar/relevant consultancies/roles
A cover letter outlining your interest and qualifications for the role, including brief written answers to the following two probes (max. 500 words per answer):
Drawing on examples from your past work, please describe the key steps you would take to facilitate a process among diverse stakeholders to build consensus on long-term strategy and governance of an existing coalition. Please include examples of how you would approach differing opinions and perspectives to move towards a shared vision.
Please describe a multi-partner advocacy initiative you have coordinated and the tools and approaches you implemented to ensure consensus among the group of partners and to ensure timely and effective completion of tasks and activities.
Please send the items listed above to

Application deadline: August 12, 2019, midnight EAT
Anticipated start date: September 16, 2019

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  • Operations
  • Project/ Program Management
  • Strategy

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  • Health
  • Social Sector
  • Equality