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Cooperative Search Fund Accelerator

Obran Cooperative

You are a cooperative entrepreneur who is interested in seeing a just transition to a new economy that centers people and the planet. You are motivated to solve entrenched social and economic problems. You understand the value of community and are committed to building something bigger than yourself.

Obran cooperative is now accepting applications for our inaugural cohort of cooperators in residence. This is the decade of cooperation, we are stronger together! The 2021 cooperators in residence will educate cooperative entrepreneurs how to find, acquire, and convert businesses to worker-ownership leveraging our unique holding cooperative model. Members will engage in a 12 month search process, guided by mentors and backed by the Obran cooperative to transform industries and drive systemic change.

Program Dates:
- Application Period: Jan 1- Mar 15, 2021
- Cohort announced: April 15, 2021
- Program begins: June 1, 2021
- Search begins: June 15, 2021