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Events Project Lead (Contract)

About Caspian:
At Caspian we create events that people remember. Events with purpose. Events that alter the status quo.

We are a full service and high touch agency, managing from the big picture down to the smallest particulars for large foundations, Fortune 1000 companies or high net-worth individual clients. We are especially adept at – and thrilled by – events that the unite bottom line and social impact. And happily, we find these are most effective as well.

We are connectors, first and foremost. We create events that bring together the right audience for the right powerful message. So we're sticklers, (in the nicest way) for defining impact goals and making sure every element adds value.

Caspian is located in Los Angeles, with staff in San Francisco, Sydney, London and around the U.S. We work both domestically and internationally.

Job Summary:
Caspian is looking to build a team of on-call Project Leads to plan and produce high quality, mission driven events. We seek seasoned event planners with exceptional project management skills, excellent time management and impeccable attention to detail to design, plan and execute large event productions such as conferences and meetings. The successful candidate will have 5-7 years of event production experience and comfort in an extremely fast paced environment, managing projects with multiple moving parts constantly, while maintaining excellent problem solving and customer service skills. This position requires the ability to hone in on the most minute details while also keeping the big picture perspective in focus at all times. This person will be extremely process oriented and bring a structured thinking approach to problem solving, doing so under tight deadlines and unanticipated circumstances. The ability to be quick, nimble, decisive and methodical is critical to this role.

Project Leads will oversee the work of 4 Contractors that may include a Project Assistant, Speaker Manager, Registration Manager, Sponsor Manager or Breakout Manager, depending on the project. Project Leads will juggle 2-3 events simultaneously, with projects staggered to balance workload. Hours will vary depending on the stage of various projects but it is anticipated that Consultants will work between 20 and 50 hours per week.

Our preference is for consultants to work remotely from home offices and use their own equipment. Consultants must be able to travel domestically and internationally for conferences and events.

Responsibilities & Duties:
• Set up communication plan with client (weekly emails/calls).
• Manage overall budget and set-up master timeline for the client.
• Conduct site search and contract negotiations for all venues.
• Work with client to determine look and feel of event signage, on-site branding, etc.
• Coordinate set up of rooms and any rentals required.
• Coordinate look and feel of invitation (for Registration Manager to send out) and/or website if needed.
• Brainstorm and provide creative, inspiring and relevant elements for the event which are both meaningful, brand appropriate, and link to ultimate goals.
• Deliver regular budget updates and monthly forecasts.
• Oversee and manage project team.
• Create event risk management plan - Ensure first aid, security, contingency, insurance.
• Coordinate security needs.
• Create staffing schedule for onsite staff.
• Investigate, negotiate, and coordinate all vendors for orders, scheduling arrivals, deliveries, payments, etc. (catering, signage, etc.)
• Map best plan to get all items to and from venue, including shipping and storing items post-event.
• Work with the speaker manager to ensure the below happens.
• Work with client to determine speaking times and programming.
• Ensure all communications are coordinated for confirming logistics with speakers.
• Work with Registration Manager for travel and hotel, if required.
• Write showflow and coordinate walkthroughs if needed.
• Ensure proper tech checks and walkthroughs are scheduled for day prior or early on day of events.
• Manage on-site speakers and showflow.
• Ensure smooth departures and Thank You’s.
• Develop specs.
• Oversee final billing.
• Complete and present post-event debrief to client.
• Archive all documents within the Google doc Caspian system.

Qualifications & Skills:
• Strong event planning and production experience, preferably managing large conferences and meetings.
• Strong organizational skills are required, ability to make thoughtful plans and execute them carefully.
• Resourcefulness to diagnose the task and understand the best way to solve and present options to the client.
• Comfortable in new situations and learning new skills as needed.
• Strong Excel skills including at least understanding of fixed and variable costs, forecasts, and creating linked summary sheets for executive overview and presentations.
• Must have strong interpersonal skills, ability to work with clients who have diverse visions and needs for their events.
• Must be flexible to deal with unforeseen changes during events, and able to perform well in high pressure and high stakes environments.
• Candidates with some professional background in the hospitality industry are preferred, especially relating to coordination of events and conferences.

Flat rates are paid per project and will vary depending on the scope and level of complexity. Rates are commensurate with industry standards for mission driven conferences and events.

Location: Remote, with the ability to travel for events.

To apply:
Please send a resume and cover letter detailing how your experience is a match for the requirements of the position to Karen Rea at by September 7, 2018.