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TO APPLY: https://www.fusecorps.org/fellowship-openings-2/

This fellowship project begins on July 26, 2021, and ends on July 24, 2022. The fellowship begins with a multi-day virtual orientation the week of July 25, 2021. The selected Executive Fellow will begin their first day of providing services to the host agency on August 2, 2021.

The FUSE Executive Fellowship is an opportunity to develop and implement unique solutions to a community’s most pressing challenges. For 12 months, FUSE Executive Fellows work within local government to bring innovative approaches to a specific project. Each fellowship is designed to leverage private-sector experience to deliver results that have lasting impact.

Working with cities throughout the country, FUSE Executive Fellows work particularly on structural and system changes that will reduce disparities and accelerate economic recovery by focusing on issues that will have the greatest long-term impact for local residents. Focus areas include living wage jobs, affordable housing, access to healthcare, education/childcare, and justice reform.

FUSE Executive Fellows are placed at the executive level of local government working with senior leaders of departments and agencies. Prospective responsibilities may include thorough data analytics and research, developing enhanced operations and financial models, building change management and strategic planning processes, and/or building broad coalitions to support project implementation efforts.
Previous FUSE Executive Fellows have tackled a range of community challenges. Examples of their work include building an information system to protect renters from displacement in Oakland, criminal justice reform in St. Louis and Washington DC, and implementing a strategy to support immigrants in Los Angeles.

FUSE Executive Fellows receive ample learning opportunities throughout their fellowship drawing from the best practices of leading for-profit, public and social sector organizations. They also receive hands-on support from a host champion within the local government, as well as an executive coach and the larger FUSE community of staff, alumni and advisors.

Birmingham | The Birmingham Department of Community Development is working to institute a multi-pronged approach to diversify Birmingham's housing stock and preserve and create new affordable housing options for residents. To support this work, Birmingham will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to operationalize public-private partnerships to increase opportunities for first-time homebuyers and form a vision for an affordable housing land trust. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/668cbmeuc86eck4rxefdakurgy

D.C. | Washington D.C. is working to improve the supply of affordable housing through the preservation and production of more units. To support this work, the Department of Housing and Community Development and Office of Planning will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to develop a strategic investment framework to expand and strengthen affordable housing options, yielding more affordable housing outcomes and addressing the structural racism that has plagued the district’s real estate market for decades. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/chfxx58y1ompsbnyqtkzq7ph7c/DCAffordableHousing

D.C. | Covid-19 has greatly disrupted the regional economy in Washington D.C., leaving thousands of residents unemployed. The district’s Workforce Investment Council is tackling immediate workforce challenges and planning for a post-Covid world, focusing on job matching and mobility, skills and training, economic development and job creation, and support for workers transitioning to new industries.To support this work, WIC will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to develop a strategic plan for how it can create an ecosystem of coordinated workforce services that ensure residents are prepared for in-demand jobs and employers have the talent pipelines they need. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/ps3bydj6rhs8s6qcidw5czimyy/DCWIC

Atlanta | Atlanta strives to build meaningful commitments and ensure that rising property values will not intensify the gentrification and displacement of its legacy residents. The Mayor’s Office will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to shape and implement critical neighborhood-specific interventions that mitigate the displacement of Atlanta’s low-income and Black communities. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/1tfuw53trp1r9qf9x9tf1nipbo

San Jose | San Jose is working to address inequities in access to its permitting and code enforcement services to support reaching its ambitious housing development and affordable housing goals. The Department of Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to implement innovative solutions that transform the department's permit center and code enforcement processes, ensuring San Jose is able to provide quality, easily accessible services to all residents during and after the pandemic. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/tj18gqegh41ozckipxdpfhw78r

Oakland | Oakland is taking immediate action to curb the joblessness caused by Covid-19 by investing in new workforce development programs and job pipelines. To support this work, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to create a holistic and equitable workforce development system for the city. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/iwbewueobo7nbagnpkctfhh64r

LA City | Los Angeles has been a hotspot for small business losses during the pandemic, especially for minority and women-owned small businesses. The City’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to build the capacity of its BusinessSource Centers, providing adapted services and resources to limit further closures and ensure small businesses proposer. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/rkws1r8gmnmqqonaz97jztnmhe

LA County | Los Angeles County has taken several steps to support a sustained and significant reduction of its County jail population, including expanding pre-plea diversion and treatment programs for mental health crisis and substance abuse. The County’s Public Defender’s Office will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to scale these pre-plea diversion options into a comprehensive Rapid Diversion Program under the County’s Alternatives to Incarceration Initiative. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/k9ewahoubntbadmwowk6irbbsa

New Orleans | New Orleans is working to reduce their jail population and end the use of incarceration as a solution to mental health crises and substance abuse. The City’s Office of Criminal Justice Coordination will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to scale, citywide, their program that diverts adults away from the prison system into facilities better equipped to support treatment and recovery for mental health crises and addiction. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/3jhu8mkraih7purbxq3xgqdskc

Durham | Durham city officials are committed to advancing racial equity in partnership with Durham residents. To support this work, Durham’s Equity and Inclusion Department will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to organize, coordinate, and operationalize a newly created all volunteer and resident-staffed Racial Equity Commission, developing and advancing recommendations and creating a Racial Equity Index to capture progress on racial equity issues. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/zw6y6prttcz6xgcc3fmn3xd63y/DeptofEquityInclusion

Pittsburgh | In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement, Pittsburgh is working to advance racial equity and justice, which includes establishing an adult diversion program within the next year. To support this work, the city will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to develop a holistic plan for implementing and scaling the program. Apply: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/fusecorps/job/bzs9ae67fqw3yskqgo8mrebkza/PittsburghIncarcerationDiversion

15+ years of professional experience, particularly in the private sector
Progressive success in challenging roles with substantial management responsibilities
Track record of collaboration, team-building and facilitative leadership
Excellent stakeholder management skills
Superior critical thinking and analytical skills
Ability to synthesize information into clear and concise recommendations
Entrepreneurial spirit and demonstrated success creating novel solutions to complex problems
Flexibility, adaptability, and persistence
Inclusivity and sensitivity to cultural differences
Exceptional written and verbal communication skills with ease in making public presentations
Demonstrated passion for public service, civic innovation and/or cross-sector collaboration