Multiple project-based volunteers + paid contractors // Remote // LocalCode Academy | Net Impact

Multiple project-based volunteers + paid contractors // Remote // LocalCode Academy


LocalCode Academy is the non-profit arm of LocalCode, a new mission-driven entity dedicated to revitalizing main streets via local entrepreneurship and creative community ownership.

We are recruiting project-based help in the following areas:

- Regenerative business & economic development research and case study identification — compiling leading examples, a library of educational + theory of change resources geared toward the Main Street entrepreneur and/or investor)

- R&D on our financial model, driving long term local ownership of key main street real estate for the benefit of the community.

- Governance, ownership, and real estate/ land trusts — research and model various ownership structures to ensure community ownership in perpetuity, generically for Local Code but also specifically for pilot site #1 in Bay City, MI

- Main Street entrepreneur apprenticeship program -- ID and research relevant apprenticeship programs, suggest programmatic details (e.g., program length, content, milestones; value prop for mentors and apprentices; mentor equity/financial comp; ID leading locally-owned, values-aligned companies in various sectors for mentorship potential

- Academy + special project funding strategy + research, funder research, grant/LOI writing, special focus on securing Opportunity Zone funders and values-aligned national investors.

All individuals will work directly with Alexa Bach-McElrone (values-driven advisor, founder, funder) and Jeff Mendelsohn (serial entrepreneur, long-time impact investor, founded New Leaf Paper founder—first company to publicly advertise sustainability metrics; informed creation of the B-Corp standard, etc.).

If interested, please contact Alexa: with a personal note about why you care about any of the above, mentioning your interest in a volunteer or paid contract position. Thank you!