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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Trainer

Habitus Incorporated

Habitus Incorporated Seeks Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Trainer
Job Title: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Trainer
Company: Habitus Incorporated (
Details: Full time (possibility of part time for the right candidate)
Start Date: September 1, 2021 (flexible)
Salary: $58,240 annually (see details below)
Benefits: This position is eligible for all Habitus benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance covered at 100% by the employer. Full details of our generous benefits package outlined below.
Location: Habitus Incorporated is based in Boston, but this role is open to remote work (compatible with east coast time zone). This role requires travel. Living near a major airport will likely be necessary.
Application Due Date: May 28, 2021

Overview of the Role
Habitus Incorporated is a Boston based training and facilitation firm specializing in negotiation, conflict resolution, and meeting design and facilitation. We are seeking a negotiation and conflict resolution trainer with experience in the field to lead trainings in the Habitus method for Habitus clients.

Our ideal candidate would have over 5 years of experience teaching adults skills for interest based collaboration (i.e. negotiation, effective meeting design, difficult conversations, mediation). Our new team member would be highly skilled at applying collaborative negotiation and conflict resolution skills both inside and outside of the classroom. The candidate would be passionate for Habitus’ mission of serving organizations doing systems level work on environmental sustainability and social justice.

About Habitus Incorporated
Our mission at Habitus Incorporated is to serve organizations doing systems level work on environmental sustainability and social justice with the negotiation and conflict resolution skills that will allow them to increase their impact. We offer training, facilitation, coaching and mediation services. We are a small team with a fantastic network of subcontractors and partners who help us fulfill our mission. 5 core principles guide how we teach and who we are at Habitus:
1. Focus on mission: Habitus exists for one reason: to equip change-making individuals and organizations to drive systems-level transformation within the areas of environmental sustainability and social justice. We make decisions about Habitus governance and operations based on these same objectives: supporting regenerative natural systems and doing work in a way that is equitable, just, and inclusive.
2. Walking the talk on interest based collaboration: We believe in the skills that we teach, coach, and deploy at work. Because of this confidence, we use these skills in all areas of our lives: teaching, within Habitus, running client projects, and in our personal lives. We do not teach, nor do we advocate for, skills or approaches that we do not deploy in all areas of our lives.
3. Empowering individual transformation: We empower all persons who engage with Habitus to implement the skills and mindsets that we teach. Changing individual behavior is challenging. We support one another and our clients in meeting concrete goals and improving relationships through enacting behaviors that are more interests based and collaborative.
4. Human centered work: At Habitus, we treat all the people with whom we interact as humans first! We assume that everyone is motivated, creative, inspired, and responsible. In order to bring out the best in our team we support each other in living rich and balanced lives both at work and beyond. We embrace the self-management idea of people positivity: When mistakes happen, as they will, rather than ask: “What is wrong with you?” we ask “What support or adjustments to our systems do you need in order to show up fully?” Humans show up differently depending on the way we are treated.
5. Excellence and consistency in execution: In order to fulfill our mission and to honor our commitment to those with whom we interact, we hold high standards around integrity, quality of our product delivery and, supporting these, excellent organization and task management.

Our goal is to build a diverse team committed to having a positive impact on the world. We know that doing that means fostering a company culture that welcomes and supports team members from diverse backgrounds. However you identify and whatever background you come from, if this role would make you excited to come into work every day and this is a team you want to be part of, we look forward to your application. People of Color, trans and gender nonconforming/nonbinary people, people from poor and working class backgrounds, people with disabilities, parents or people with dependents and women are encouraged to apply.

We’re proud to be a company that is a certified B Corp and practices self management. If you want to learn more about both of those things check out these resources: Certified B Corporations; The Brave New Work Podcast on self managing companies. The book, Reinventing Organizations.

Requirements of the Role
In this role you will primarily serve as a Habitus trainer. You will also deliver Habitus services of facilitation, coaching, and mediation. You will be working with clients from corporations, certified B Corps, and nonprofit organizations, as well as individuals. You will be responsible for using Habitus materials and methods to design and deliver custom trainings for our clients.

Our ideal candidate has significant experience in interest based collaboration grounded in a robust knowledge of the negotiation and conflict management literature and theory. You are also able to design and run classes that are student centered and promote real skill development. You would also have experience using the skills we teach outside of the classroom, through mediation experience, large group facilitation, or negotiation experience. In this role you should expect to deliver trainings on the following topics:

Collaborative Negotiation / Mutual Gains Approach to Negotiation
Competitive Negotiation
Identifying Interests
Difficult Conversations
Meeting Design and Facilitation / Consensus Building
Behavior Change

Must Have Skills and Experience
- At least 5 years teaching adults in one or more of the topics named above.
- Expertise in interest based collaborative negotiation
- Ability to walk the talk in terms of what we teach. That means being able to apply the skills we teach to real world negotiations and difficult conversations. This could be through training as a mediator or facilitator and experience mediating and facilitating.
- Pedagogical experience with backwards design. Ability to design a student centered training focused on outcomes.
- Strong stage presence and ability to connect with participants.
- Ability to manage your own workload without oversight. You will need to scope your own projects, develop a project plan and carry projects out successfully. You will need to handle the logistics of your projects including scheduling, communicating with the client, and coordinating the project team.
- You need to have a level of technical competence that allows you to handle the following tasks with comfort: Create and run online meetings and trainings (usually on zoom). Design trainings that work well in a virtual environment. Work every day with our virtual team using platforms like zoom, google docs, online surveys, mural, and google spreadsheets.
- Excitement for regular travel
- Alignment with the Habitus mission of serving organizations doing systems level work on environmental sustainability and social justice
- Willingness to be engaged in proactive self-reflection, learning and action around the wide range of ways in which our current society oppresses people (with organizational support)

Should Have Skills and Experience
- Sales experience and skill. You will need to be able to upsell clients after trainings.
- Experience in JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) work. We do not teach JEDI topics, but we do require that trainers have a level of fluency with JEDI principles which they can bring to bear internally and in the design and delivery of our services.
- Comfort with INDD (adobe indesign). You will need to be able to adapt Habitus workbooks for custom trainings and work with our graphic designer to execute on your workbook vision. You should also be able to make small edits in your own workbooks. Training for Adobe Indesign is available.
- Excitement for and experience with online and blended learning
- Knowledge and experience with human behavior change
- Comfortable with streaming and managing camera equipment

Nice to Have Skills and Experience
- Connection to organizations and communities doing systems level work on environmental sustainability and social justice.
- Speaks languages other than English
- Excitement to help teach and mentor participants in our train the trainer program
- Experience working in a self-managed organization
- Experience with assessment of training impact
- Extensive experience coaching
- An existing book of clients to bring with you to this role
- Ability to manage the entire sales process

Note: We are intentionally not including education requirements. Both education and previous work experience will be considered as potential qualifications for this position.

In order to succeed in this role you’ll need to become familiar with how Habitus teaches negotiation, conflict resolution, and meeting design. You should expect your first months on the job to include training on that content as well as training in our systems.

Because we are a small team, everyone ends up pitching in on needed tasks and takes on roles necessary to keep the business running. You can therefore expect to be involved with work beyond your core responsibilities, as your time allows or you are given responsibility for.

The Hiring Process at Habitus
The hiring process at Habitus looks a little different than what you might see at other organizations. Since we specialize in collaborative negotiation (a theory of negotiation that promotes the creation of win-win agreements) the interview process at Habitus will be a collaborative negotiation. Here’s what that looks like:

We’ll start the conversation by asking you what your core interests, needs and desires are in seeking this role. What is important in a job for you? What do you need to say yes to a role? At the same time we’ll share with you our interests that underlie this job description. This is essentially a conversation about fit - do our interests match up with yours?

Next we’ll explore options. How could we build an agreement that works for both sides? What does the benefits package need to look like? How might the role description need to shift?

If it seems like this could be a good fit and we have a set of options that could work well for both sides, we’ll finalize an agreement.

You should expect a dynamic process through which we build a compensation package, set of roles and responsibilities, and a contract together that will work well for both sides. That means if there’s something in this job description that would need to change for you to say yes - that’s on the table.

From a practical perspective, the interview process for this role is expected to go as follows:

1. If you’re interested in the role please email Habitus Chief Operating and Impact Officer Kelsa Summer Roidt. Kelsa’s email is: In your email please attach your resume and a 5-10 minute video of you teaching something - ideally related to the topics Habitus teaches. Please note, we will only be able to watch 5-10 minutes of your video. If you send a longer video, please indicate which portion you would like us to review.
2. The Habitus team will review application materials and invite promising applicants to an initial interview call with Kelsa. This call will be 30-60 minutes. This call can be scheduled during business or non-business hours.
3. After the initial interview call, chosen applicants will be invited for an interview with the full five person Habitus team. This interview will be about 2 hours long. You should expect the interview to include a teaching component where you will demonstrate your skills as a trainer and ability to apply the skills we teach to real world scenarios. This second interview may also include other components that we have not yet designed. We would prefer this interview take place during business hours, but we are also open to doing it in non-business hours to accommodate an applicant’s schedule - just ask!
4. All applications will receive a response.
5. Applications are due on May 28, 2021.

We are looking for someone who is interested in making a long term commitment to Habitus of at least 2 years. We also understand that things change and that what works for both you and for Habitus right now, may not work well in the future. We will therefore put into place an orientation and assessment period to support you being successful in this role. You can expect that to include:

1. A trial period of 3 months after which we will jointly determine if you and Habitus are a good fit. The completed trial period may result in continued full time employment at Habitus, shifting to a subcontractor role at Habitus, or another option.
2. Daily check ins with another team member for your first three weeks on the job
Weekly check ins with our Chief Operating and Impact Officer Kelsa to help you integrate into our self managed workflow.
3. An online orientation platform to help you learn our systems and processes.
4. A learning curriculum for you to learn our training content
5. Mentorship from Habitus Head of Trainer Education and Professional Development, Dr. Kathy Gonzales

Other Things to Know About Working at Habitus
Habitus Salary System: At Habitus we aim to compensate our team members in a way that is highly transparent, radically equitable, and cares for our team as whole humans. We are currently in the process of revising our salary system to meet those goals. By the time you arrive at Habitus, our new salary system will be in place. We will be able to give you more details throughout the hiring process. For now, you should expect that you (and everyone else at Habitus) will be paid a base salary of $58,240.

Habitus Benefits: We’re proud of the benefits package we offer. This role is eligible for all our benefits which are:
Medical, dental, and vision insurance covered 100% by the company
Medical, dental, and vision insurance for dependents covered 100% by the company
Minimum 5 weeks per year paid vacation time
Paid sick time (68 hours per year for full time employees)
Flex time - you set your hours
34 hour full time work week
401k plan with 3% employer contribution
HRA benefit which covers up to $5,000 of additional medical expenses for team members not covered by health insurance

Habitus Location: Habitus Incorporated is based in Boston, however, our team is currently fully remote (due to COVID 19). You can work from anywhere now and in the future. Your work hours would need to be compatible with the east coast time zone. You may be required to travel to meet the full team in person (once that’s possible), all travel would be covered by the company. Habitus will pay for you to be a member at a co-working space if you would like. Some of our team are currently members at Impact Hub Boston. We are currently offering all our services remotely. However, when it is safe to do so we will resume in person services. This role will be expected to travel to deliver those services both domestically and internationally.

Final Details: This is a full time role. However, we would consider a part time opportunity for the right candidate. Habitus does not currently have the ability to sponsor H1B visas.