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LocalCode Overview
LocalCode helps communities thrive across North America, reversing the negative spiral of declining Main Streets with locally-owned real estate and sustainable enterprises. LocalCode is a hybrid organization, comprised of the for-profit LocalCode development company and the not-for-profit LocalCode Academy (“Academy”).

The Academy helps communities build the foundation for regenerative economic development. It provides education and training, directs an apprenticeship program for aspiring business owners, and aids/incubates specific projects with financing and other support. The organization orchestrates apprenticeships in the most successful, locally-owned sustainable companies (for profit and non-profit) in the country. These apprenticeships provide aspiring entrepreneurs the lived experience of working alongside owners of exactly the type of company they wish to start. In addition to hands-on experience, apprentices come away with franchise-caliber operating toolkits and an in-depth evaluation by their mentors. In addition to apprenticeships, the Academy platform provides education and training to community leaders on regenerative economic development, sharing lessons and resources from leading locally-owned businesses around the country and supports new enterprises with venture philanthropy. Following the apprenticeship, the Academy provides emerging entrepreneurs and their communities with financing and operational support (conditional on progressive ownership and community wealth generation).

Director / Founding Team Member
LocalCode Academy seeks a full-time Director to join the founding leadership team. The Director will develop Academy programs within pilot communities in collaboration with LocalCode and regional partners. Through these engagements, the Director will build out the core offerings: apprenticeship/mentorship network for locally-owned regenerative enterprises, community regenerative economic development process, and start-up financing and other resource support for local entrepreneurs.

Primary responsibilities include:
* Develop the apprenticeship program so that apprentices receive maximum value and advantage in successfully launching their business, and mentor companies are deeply engaged in its success and feel fairly compensated. Build a national movement in which the most successful local enterprises mentor aspiring entrepreneurs and grow the locally-owned business community.
* Develop the lifecycle of support for aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully launch and build their business.
* Develop how the Academy engages local communities to build local capacity and foundational elements for regenerative economic development.
* Oversee the development of LocalCode Academy’s digital platform. Showcase regenerative local development in practice and apprenticeship opportunities with successful locally-owned companies.
* Develop funding strategy, combining fee for services with donations. Build relationships and oversee funding.
* Build partnerships with third party providers of entrepreneurship training and resources. Partners will include universities, business associations, and organizations like Zingerman’s.
* Source and connect aligned service providers (e.g., IT, HR management, financing, and more) with community business needs.

* Experience in supporting the success of locally-owned businesses, whether within the context of a business, non-profit, or educational institution. Diverse experience is a plus.
* Successful track record in non-profit (or business) leadership and management.
* Complex digital product management.
* Fundraising experience and excitement for enrolling supporters.
* Demonstrated passion for building vibrant local economies.
* Relentless drive to achieve results and track performance against established goals.
* Commitment to inclusive economic development and growth as well as a strong belief in individual economic and social empowerment through entrepreneurship.
* Exceptional communication skills and a commitment to client service.
* Self-motivated leader with entrepreneurial mindset.

Position and Hiring Process
Full time
Preference for candidates living in the greater San Francisco Bay Area
Compensation depends on experience.
Please email a cover letter and resume or LinkedIn link to Alexa Bach-McElrone, In your cover letter, please address what most excites you about this opportunity.

Thank you for your interest in LocalCode.