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Training Program and Blended Learning Coordinator

Habitus Incorporated

Habitus Incorporated Seeks Training Program and Blended Learning Coordinator

Job Title: Training Program and Blended Learning Coordinator
Company: Habitus Incorporated (
Details: Full time
Start Date: Fall 2020 - flexible. Mid September preferred.
Salary Range: $43,000 to $58,000 annual salary for a 34 hour work week. Exact salary based on experience.
Benefits: This position is eligible for all Habitus benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance covered at 100% by employer. Full benefits details outlined below.
Location: Habitus Incorporated is located in Boston, but this role is open to remote work (compatible with east coast time zone).

Habitus Incorporated is a Boston based training and facilitation firm specializing in negotiation, conflict resolution, and meeting design and facilitation. In order to continue to thrive as a growing company in an increasingly virtual environment, we are seeking someone to manage and build our current training of trainers program as well as build our online course offerings.

Our ideal candidate would have expertise in blended learning and would be interested in a full time role. Experience in online course development, program coordination and development, and teaching experience in the teaching of educators is what we’re looking for. We would consider someone with some but not all of these skills for a part time position.

About Habitus Incorporated
Our mission at Habitus Incorporated is to serve organizations doing systems level work on environmental sustainability and social justice with the negotiation and conflict resolution skills that will allow them to increase their impact. We offer training, facilitation, coaching and mediation services. We are currently a three person team with a fantastic network of subcontractors and partners who help us fulfill our mission. We’re proud to be a certified B Corp which means we balance mission-driven purpose with profit by taking into consideration the impacts of our decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Our goal is to build a diverse team committed to having a positive impact on the world. We know that doing that means fostering a company culture that welcomes and supports team members from diverse backgrounds. People of Color, trans and gender nonconforming/nonbinary people, people from poor and working class backgrounds, parents or people with dependents and women are encouraged to apply.

Habitus Incorporated practices self management. This is a system of organizational management that prioritizes autonomy, trust, and transparency. Individual employees have a set of roles and responsibilities for which they have full decision making authority. Important company decisions get made by a circle of employees that includes all full time employees. We do not currently have any part time employees. Should you join Habitus as a part time employee, we would rethink how part time employees are included in company decision making. Self management is based on the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederick Laloux. You can learn more about the system here:

About the Role
The core responsibilities of your roles would be developing Habitus’ blended learning offerings - both through training new trainers and through managing the creation of new online courses. In the self management structure of Habitus, you would not report to anyone, but you are supported and accountable to the team as a collective. That support is formalized in daily and weekly team check ins. Your role would be both internally facing - working with our training of trainers program, and externally facing - building our online training content for clients.

The goal of our training or trainers program is to develop new Habitus trainers, specifically trainers from backgrounds that would traditionally have barriers to entry into the training field. We have run a one year pilot program so far and learned a lot. Your role would include significantly building the program, which may mean it looks a lot different than our first round! In building our training of trainers program your responsibilities would likely include (in no particular order):
- Interviewing past participants of the program to gather key learnings
- Planning (and executing) the next phase of the program
- Building a cohort of new trainers and fostering trust, a sense of belonging, and psychological and emotional safety with that group. This would likely include application management, selection, onboarding, and ongoing program coordination.
- Fundraising - likely through grants - to support the program. Habitus currently funds our training of trainers program through sales, but in order to realize the program’s full potential we will need to access other funds
- Conducting outreach to expand the pipeline for the program with a specific focus on participants with traditional barriers to entry into the training field.
- Organize and improve our existing training materials
- Manage our network of subcontractors, which is likely to grow through a robust training program

In developing and managing our online training content for our clients, your responsibilities would likely include:
- Researching and implementing online course pedagogical best practices
- Project managing the rollout of new online courses
- Creating content for new online courses - with input from other team members as needed. (Content would include videos, handouts and assessments of student learning)
- Management of subcontractors who will work on the course including videographer, photographer, and graphic designer.
- Update and improve existing Habitus online courses
- Coordinating with marketing team to promote online courses on our website and social media platforms
- Create and manage free resources to support activists in meeting design, negotiation and difficult conversations
- Developing a resources page to promote free content on our website (with support from our web developer)

In order to succeed in this role you’ll need to become familiar with Habitus negotiation, conflict resolution, and meeting design content. You should expect your first months on the job to include training on that content which will likely include mediation training, a reading list, several online courses, and attending some of our client training sessions.

Because we are a small team, everyone ends up pitching in on needed tasks and takes on roles necessary to keep the business running. You can therefore expect to be involved with work beyond your core responsibilities, as your time allows or you are given responsibility for.
Additional Details and Requirements

This is a full time role. If you only have experience in some of the responsibilities of this role, we would consider hiring you in a part time capacity. This role is eligible for Habitus’ employee benefits which include; medical, dental, and vision insurance covered at 100% by the company; required minimum of five weeks vacation per year; 34 hour work week considered full time; flexible working hours. Habitus Incorporated is based in Boston, however, our team is currently fully remote (due to COVID 19). You can work from anywhere now and in the future. Your work hours would need to be compatible with the east coast time zone. You may be required to travel to meet the full team in person (once that’s possible), all travel would be covered by the company. Habitus will pay for you to be a member at a co-working space if you would like. Most of our team are currently members at Impact Hub Boston. Habitus does not currently have the ability to sponsor H1B visas.

- Willingness to work in a self managed team
- Relevant experience in teaching and ideally in teaching of educators
- Experience with blended learning, online courses creation, and assessment, and design
- Passion for driving positive impact through your work
- Strong organizational skills and ability to manage your own workload without oversight

Note: We are intentionally not including education requirements. Both education and previous work experience will be considered as potential qualifications for this position.

People of Color, trans and gender nonconforming/nonbinary people, people from poor and working class backgrounds, parents or people with dependents and women are encouraged to apply.

Desired Skills
- Fundraising experience strongly desired
- Experience with social justice or climate justice work is highly desirable
- Mediation training and experience is highly desirable
- Comfort with technical aspects of building online courses is desirable. You do not need to be expert in website design, coding, or other technical skills, but you do need to have a base level of comfort with online technical work and a willingness to learn how to create the online content we need.
- Foreign language skills a plus
- Familiarity with negotiation, difficult conversation, and meeting design theory is a plus
- Familiarity with google suite, dropbox, hubspot, atlassian, evernote, and basecamp a plus
- Background in instructional design a plus
- Familiarity with the online course platform Teachable a plus

Next Steps
At Habitus we specialize in collaborative negotiation which is a theory of negotiation that promotes the creation of win-win agreements. That means that the interview process at Habitus will be a collaborative negotiation. Here’s what that looks like:

We’ll start the conversation by asking you what your core interests, needs and desires are in seeking this role. What is important in a job for you? What do you need to say yes to a role? At the same time we’ll share with you our interests that underlie this job description. This is essentially a conversation about fit - do our interests match up with yours? Next we’ll explore options. How could we build an agreement that works for both sides? What does the benefits package need to look like? What’s the right salary? How might the role description need to shift? If it seems like this could be a good fit and we have a set of options that could work well for both sides, we’ll finalize an agreement.

You should expect a dynamic process through which we build a compensation package, set of roles and responsibilities, and a contract together that will work well for both sides. That means if there’s something in this job description that would need to change for you to say yes - that’s on the table.

From a practical perspective, the interview process for this role is expected to go as follows:

If you’re interested in the role please email Habitus Chief Operating and Impact Officer Kelsa Summer Roidt. Kelsa’s email is: In your email please attach your resume. If you have relevant experience that isn’t captured on your resume please feel free to include that in the email.

The Habitus team will review emails from applicants and attached resumes and invite promising applicants to an initial interview call with Kelsa. This call will be 30-60 minutes. This call can be scheduled during business or non-business hours.

After the initial interview call, chosen applicants will be invited for an interview with the full three person Habitus team. This interview will be about 2hrs long. We would prefer this interview take place during business hours, but we are also open to doing it in non-business hours to accommodate an applicant’s schedule - just ask!

All applications will receive a response.

Applications are due on August 24th, 2020.

We are looking for someone who is interested in making a long term commitment to Habitus of at least 1 year. We also understand that things change and that what works for both you and for Habitus right now, may not work well in the future. We will therefore put into place an orientation and assessment period to support you being successful in this role. You can expect that to include:
- Daily check ins with another team member for your first three weeks on the job
- Weekly check ins with our Chief Operating and Impact Officer Kelsa to give you feedback on your work performance and for you to give Habitus feedback on how the role is working for you.
- An online orientation platform to help you learn our systems and processes.
- A learning curriculum for you to learn our training content
- A 3 month performance check in to see how things are going and see if we need to make changes to the agreement we came up with in the hiring process.
- A six month performance check in to see how things are going and see if we need to make changes to the agreement we came up with in the hiring process.